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A Complete Guide To Cambodia’s Wildlife Sanctuaries

Cambodia has amazing scenery and wildlife, making this culturally extraordinary country even better! Their are wildlife Sanctuaries all over Cambodia with everything from Monkies to elephants

A lot of the sanctuaries are as listed Beng Per Wildlife Sanctuary, Chhaeb Wildlife Sanctuary, Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, The Kulen Prmtep Wildlife Sanctuary, Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary, Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, and Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary

Cambodian Sanctuary

Beng Per Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife Sanctuary is located in the northern part of Cambodia and was formed in 1993. The scenery is beautiful with elephants, giant birds, and bison.

The area has been hit hard by illegal logging, affecting many species in the area. This negative arrives from positive economic growth in the rubber plantation industry.

Chhaeb Wildlife Sanctuary

A beautiful protected area in the northern area in Cambodia (Preah Viheur) with magnificent forests, flat land, and bogs which are simply staggering.

The conservation work comes from the (WCS) carries campaigns to protect conservational wildlife in Cambodia. The situation is challenging, though, with the indigenous population using the land as a source of income.

Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

Koo Seima is found in Eastern Cambodia and is in two provinces, Mondulkiri and Kratie, and is one of Cambodia’s first bio conservation regions. The area has over 900 species, with an indigenous group called the Bunong. In terms of scale, the site is among the biggest in Cambodia.

The Kulen Prmtep Wildlife Sanctuary

Another massive protected area with endangered wildlife which has been protected since 1993.

Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary

Lomphat is an area which inhabitants wildlife such as Tigers, Sun bears, and Leopards in an area of over 2,514.68 km2 in the east of Cambodia. You will also find endangered birds and an array of beautiful green plants, and jaw-dropping scenery.

Recently, a Chinese firm has planned to build a dam on the Srepok river, which may flood villages nearby.

Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary

An area with islands with bays and channels provides an ecosystem in an area of over 23,000 km2. You will find a population of over 10,000 people who live in the surrounding area, and fishing is a source of income for the local population. The site also has a lot of natural resources, such as charcoal production.

Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary is located in central Cambodia and has the tallest mountain in Cambodia-1,810m. The sanctuary is named after the mountain and has lush forests that need protection from illegal logging, affecting the wild birds in the area, particularly the wild birds like the Chestnut-headed partridge and the Garrulax ferrarius.



Free The Bears

Helping at the bear sanctuary can be a rewarding experience, especially for a small donation. You will help look after many rescued bears, from cleaning their dens to feeding them.

You will need to speak English, and the min stay is one week! Eight weeks is the max stay. For any more info, click here

Save Elephant Foundation

You will be working to help conserve 1 million acres of the jungle just north of Angkor Wat. The area is full of wildlife with Tigers, buffalos, monkeys, and elephants.

A lot of the program will be conservation work, such as growing trees that combat the illegal logging in the area.

Initially, this project will focus on tree planting and restoring the region´s forest, and combatting the illegal logging that has taken place. Other goals for the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia are plant and wildlife identification, seed collecting, trail-making, and educational outreach. Be a part of this project from its grassroots!

For more info, click here






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