Cambodians Are Ready To Date With You!

Cambodians Are Ready To Date With You!

So you’re in Cambodia and looking to spend some quality time with a cute local stunner! Well, I’ll be honest, this isn’t Thailand or is it as direct with the ladies, but the women here are lovely, warm, and friendly, and better in general, in my opinion.

In my experience, I met a lot of girls at bars St 172/51 & Riverside. Sometimes, I’d go lone wolf, forcing me to speak to girls around the bars/clubs. Another option is the Mall Aeon (East Phnom Penh), which has a massive influx of Khmer girls and is an excellent place for lunch dates. There’s always Tinder/ Baboo, which can be a great place to connect with girls, but I will say Tinder isn’t as good for meeting Khmer girls, not unless you want to meet western girls?

Overall, Cambodia is a conservative country, so don’t expect to sleep with a girl just like that! In some areas in Cambodia, arranged marriages still take place. Kissing and holding hands isn’t normal in public, so don’t be surprised if she pushes back on you if you try. The other side is sex–tourism, which you find on the Riverside and Sorya mall (street 51), I know some people who decide to date these girls after a fling, but it’s not the direction you want to go if you want something serious.

You need to get out there and date around and find the one you’re looking for. I know plenty of happy men in long-term relationships with Khmer girls and there having a great time!

Keep reading to find out how to meet Khmer girls regularly and frequently. I will go over your options with a general strategy.

Girls In Cambodia

Online Dating

In Asia, you generally find the most straightforward way to meet girls online as Khmer girls live on their phones 24/7. It’s easy to get a date within hours, especially if you’re new in the country. You would never get that in a western country, let’s face it.

I’ve always found that Khmer girls love meeting foreign guys who have just rolled up in the country and want to see the sights of Phnom Penh. I remember meeting a girl at Riverside, and she took me around Central Market for drinks and food, It was great, my first real experience of Cambodia!

Also, if you want to travel around the country, Khmer girls love to explore. Consider going somewhere like Kep or Kampot (4hrs drive) for a romantic getaway or if you’re after a beach holiday, go Sihanoukville (5hr drive)

Remember that many of these girls won’t have large salaries. The variety of women will be girls who have general white-collar jobs, students, Bar girls (They may charge you- Look for red flags) Their looking for an experience and adventure but remember to be a gentleman and pay if you go for a meal or book a hotel. As I say, these girls earn as low as $190 per month, sometimes less, and have to pay money for their families to get by.

The Best apps in Cambodia

Badoo – This app crowns as king in Cambodia- Literally tons of women on here

Tinder – A lot fewer Khmer girls than Badoo, but if you want to switch it up with backpackers, go for it.

Bumble – A lot more serious for dating than Tinder and Baddoo – More relationship orientated.

Zoosk– Fun app for meeting girls

Meeting In-Person – (Bars, Shops & Malls)

If you decide to go the traditional way, consider the tourist areas such as Riverside, Aeon Mall, Parks, Night Market, etc… You will get the volume of women, and the choice is endless. It’s always better to talk to women wandering by themselves (Obviously, don’t be creepy and follow them down a dark alley). Try and get the number and meet them for a coffee or ask them to show you around the city.

Aeon Mall is a prime spot for women. You get buckets loads of women shopping by themselves or with friends, so you’re options are endless. Their are many great restaurants inside Aeon to pick from. Also, you have a cinema and bowling alley!

Bars are some of my least favorable options to meet Khmer girls. For the most part, you find many Western girls, or you may run into freelance hookers (No easy way to say this). I found out the hard way in Pontoon one night when a girl wanted money to take her home!


Recommend bars in Phnom Penh


Heart of Darkness

It’s probably one of the most famous nightclubs in Phnom Penh, with old websites floating around online reliving the glory days. Heart Of Darkness is well known for being gay-friendly, which can be a good sign if you’re after ladies as it takes the competition away. There’s a pretty cool dance floor and a pool table to keep you entertained as well.


Heart Of Darkness has the historical appeal, but Pontoon is the new kid on the block, attracting a lot of Khmer girls and backpackers. It is located just of street 51 (Nr Soyra Mall). The best way to meet girls is to talk to them on the dance floor and move them towards the bar to a quieter area. Remember, though some of these girls will be working girls, so be warned! Try and get a feel for the girl before you get her number.

Club Love

I went to Club Love once, and I’ll be honest, I had a good night with a mix of people from backpackers, locals & Expats. The club does get a little loud at times, so don’t expect it to be easy to talk to girls.

The venue only has a small dance floor but lots of places to sit down and chill. This club may be better suited to pick up backpackers, but still worth a try.

Epic 2 Club

One of the newer additions to the list and has only recently opened near Naga World. Overall this is a great place to pick up rich Khmer girls. The nightclub is aimed at a higher market, so the drink prices will be higher than usual ($5.50) for a beer bottle. One positive is, there is no entrance fee.


I always think it’s important to be the highest version of yourself. It is necessary to develop good quality social skills, especially with mass social networks making people more inverted. Talking to women is a skill, and you only develop this skill through practice.



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