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How Good Is The Vientiane Nightlife | Here Is Your guide 2021

How Good Is The Vientiane Nightlife | Here Is Your guide 2021

Vientiane’s nightlife is a mystery for most backpackers/tourists, so I thought a guide would help you. I’m Ian, a guy who’s seen the world and spent time in Laos, and I have to say I adore this country! Let me be your guide, so you find what your looking for.

Vientiane is different to nights out to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh city, where it gets streams of people drinking all over the city. Vientiane around 10:00 pm goes quiet, and it can be hard to find street food or late bars. You need to be “ear to the ground” and do some research before you go out.

But to say Vientiane is boring, well, guess again, you have some excellent hotspots here.  It all depends where you go, and at what time?

Quai Fa Ngum (Nightlife Area)

Keep reading to find out the best areas to go out in Vientiane. Take advantage of this guide. Good luck!

The Vientiane Entertainment Zones

The nightlife in Vientiane is in certain areas within the city and where you stay depends on your proximity to nightlife.  Chao Anouvong Park on the Riverside is an excellent place to stay if you want to be near the bars/restaurants.

Their are areas like Setthathilath Road where you get fewer tourists add more locals partying (A Few ex-pats head here to)

As I stated before, don’t leave this to chance; you need to research before you go out in Vientiane. The more you head towards the city’s central part, you will enter the red-light district.

Kamphengmeuang Road is a small red light district area and is apart of Asian culture, and this attracts sex tourism which is a pull factor for (SEA, South East Asia) in general, just as Hoi Ch Minh and Bangkok have them. If you don’t want this theirs plenty of other bars.

Scoping The Area

If you rent a motorbike, it’s relatively cheap, and Vientiane has slow traffic, but take care it can be dangerous. Ex-pats rarely get in trouble with the police, so don’t worry about that. You need to make sure you have insurance, a good helmet, and your senses. Renting the bike can work out cheaper than Tuks Tuks- Which can be expensive!

Night Life And Bars

Future Nightclub  (Recently closed due to pandemic)

If you’re in Vientiane, give Future nightclub ago. The club is close to the airport and finishes at 1:30 am but can stay open longer. The club is busy most nights, especially on the weekends, with its blaring music.

The drinks are Beer Lao & Johnnie Walker black label mainly. If you come by yourself you can find people to talk to as locals are friendly and interested in meeting foreigners. The only downside is the fact it doesn’t have a dance floor.

Address: Luang Prabang Road, Vientiane, Laos.

Open daily: 05:00 pm – 01:30am.

Galaxy Nightclub

Galaxy nightclub located on Samsenthai Road attracts tourists/ex-pats with live music and an outdoor seating area. The was next to the Mekong but recently moved.

There’s no entrance fee, and it never gets too busy, so getting tables is easy. If you have to drink, you’re looking at around 25,000 Kip.

The bar itself is a bit corny, but if you’re a single guy wanting to meet local girls, this a good option.

Address Vientiane Loa – Vientiane, Laos

Phone: +856 20 56 199 919

Bor Pen Nyang Bar and Restaurant

One of Vientiane’s most popular bars is located on the 4th floor and opens early evening till midnight. The bar attracts tourists, backpackers, few ex-pats, and locals. You have to keep in mind that locals maybe prostitutes. Asia can be like this in some bars.

If you go alone, it should be easy to meet people; the bar is central making a social environment. The venue also has a spectacular view of the Mekong. A beer costs 15,000 kit, a cocktail is 50,000 Kit to 70,000 kit, and if you have to food, it’s 50,000-70,000 Kit.

 Address: Vientiane, Laos

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 9am-12am


Musso is part of the S Park Hotel. Usually, this is a good place for live music. The bar is upper class with wealthy Chinese and locals. You can find a great selection of drinks available with an old skool theme and slick service.

Address: Vientiane, Laos

Phone: +856 20 23 161 666

Opening Hours:

Mon/Sun 6pm-12am


Another pricey bar to spend money, with a fine dining restaurant connected to the bar. You find a lot of stylish people here, mainly ex-pats, and some locals.

You find live music every Friday, (typically jazz). The bar has many events such as salsa on Thursday and ladies nights on Wednesdays. Expect to pay 50,000 kip for a cocktail and a bit less of a beer! But

Samlo bar

I like to go a western-style pub, and this place offers ice-cold beer for just 10,000 Kip. Also, in western bars, its easy to meet people, especially in sports bars with Salmo offering pool, foosball, and rock music, close to around 2:00 am each night. For a cheap drink in a nice bar Samlo.

Address: Rue Setthathilath, Vientiane, Laos

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 6pm-3am

CCC or Lao Café

CCC cafe offers a gay-friendly experience with an open mind group of punters. But be warned, you might find some hookers here like many other bars! The closing time is around 2:00am.

Address: Vientiane, Laos

Phone +856 20 78 014 492

O’Grady’s Irish Pub (Recently Closed Due To Pandemic)

Irish pubs are always good but can be pricey; the bar loads of ex-pats with live sports like football, rugby, Aussie rules, and UFC.

The pub has other activities, including live music, quiz nights, and darts. The service is excellent and has fantastic kids facilities. The bar is open daily two around midnight.  

Khop Chai Deu

When you get older like me, sometimes you need to go to quieter places. Khop Chai Deu has a cafe vibe with a lovely garden to chill.

Service here can get busy, especially for lunch and dinner!

Address: Rue Setthathilath, Vientiane, Laos

Phone: +856 21 263 829

Opening Hours:

Mo-Sun 8am-11pm

Hard Rock Café

The franchise Hard Rock cafe it’s about the city center but whether a visit as the ambiance is delightful, with fantastic service and live bands.

Address: Rue Setthathilath, Vientiane, Laos

Phone: +856 30 58 55 486

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 10am10pm

You find more bars in Vientiane which offer small pubs, cocktail bars, sports bars, and jazz bars. Most bars are western ran and can be pretty quirky and pleasant to be around.

The areas you want to look out for are Setthathirath Road,  Riverside, and Samsenthai Road. Look out for Paris Cocktail, Charlies, Jazzy brick, and Highland sports, to name a few.

Other Activates Bowling/Cinema/tours

Lao Bowling Center

Retro bowling center from the 1970s is an experience you can’t miss out on.  Service is friendly, and it’s relatively cheap and a real throwback, if anything.

The computer monitors are like old Commodores with an old school green scoreboard, chipped balls, old memorabilia, and lanes well past their sell-by date. The bowling alley also has snooker tables and plays contemporary music.

Pro tip sometimes they won’t even give you bowling shoes, I’m not sure why? But if anything, it’s a good giggle, and I recommend a night at the bowling alley.

Address: Rue Le Ky Huong

Major Platinum Cineplex Vientiane Center

The most modern cinema complex in Laos and part of the Platinum Cineplex group is located on Vientiane Center, Khouvieng Road.  The cinema is central to Iconic statues like the Victory gate and the prime minister’s house.

Access is quite simple; bus stops near-by and a car park on-site. The Complexes is fitted with some great entertainment options for everyone to enjoy.

If you have ever been to the cinema in the the MBK center in Bangkok, you’ll notice how good the experience was, and this cinema rivals Bangkok with fair prices.

The cinema has a 3D screen with high resolution to make your experience amazing. Sound equipment is state of the art, making your cinema night electric.

Wine Bars

Old French colonies seem to know a bit about wine; Vientiane has a few quirky places.

Crown Bar

Crown bars restaurant has high dining standards and is famous for creating a stunning atmosphere and excellent dishes. The restaurant is gorgeous and central to Vientiane, and a lovely evening with great wine I’m fine food.

The building is a massive chalk mansion with an old-school brick terrace thats unique to Vientiane. The Interior has classical leather seats, silk curtains, fresh Flowers, and neutral colors, making the venue spectacular.

If you’re after something a bit more special, come to Crown bar.

Hi, I’m Ian

I started traveling in 2006 when I was 21 and still today it’s the best experience of my life! I grew up in a rural town in England and I couldn’t wait to get away and explore the big wide world.

My first destination in 2006 was Singapour. After I visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos the dream continued and every day was a new experience with new foods, temples, lush countryside, and quirky boutique hotels. The variance of my days was tremendous from waking up in Jungles to a tropical island sipping an ice-cold beer 24hrs later.

With all this travel experience I started traveltin to help people who want to take the plunge into travel and seek advice. I really want to help people live their dreams and share knowledge and tips to help you have the best trip possible.

If you need anything just ask! I’ll get straight back to you.

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