Phnom Penh Lunch Guide | The Best Spots In PP

Phnom Penh Lunch Guide | The Best Spots In PP

Lunch Spots In PP

Phnom Penh Lunch Guide | The Best Spots In PP

The lunch scene Phnom Penh is something you shouldn’t be missing out on. Having lived in Cambodia in 2017, I’m pretty ear to the ground, and I’m more than happy to show you my secrets.

I think you’ll be quite surprised at how vast the cuisine is Phnom Penh with the list below.  Phnom Penh sadly lies in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh’s shadows, which is unfair because Cambodia is changing rapidly with investment from all over the world, opening lovely new eateries by the week.

Many backpackers asked me, “why I live in Phnom Penh?”, and I never could put my finger on it, but it is a special place, and it has a soul. The food will defiantly surprise you and its my pleasure to show it to you.

Carry on reading to find out my best lunch spots in Phnom Penh

Arun Café

Pleasant and cozy atmosphere with homemade dishes such as Asian, pizza, European, and freshly made healthy food, not to mention great coffee & cakes.

I would suggest coming here after a gym workout, and you can replace those calories with a fresh juice and salad. It’s also worth mentioning that the service is excellent, with beautiful music in the background.

You must visit Arun café, even if it just for a coffee and cake.

Address: Arun Cafe #95, Street 592 Beungkak 2, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phone: +855 16 889 001

Website: Click here

Opening times:

Mon-Sun 7am-9pm

Namaste India Restaurant

If you like Indian cuisine, you’ve got to try Namaste with a host of excellent curries, poppadoms, and onion bhajis

Many ex-pats name Namaste their local Curry house, and they keep coming back for more. The prices are reasonable, and the staff are friendly. Namaste also caters to vegans, celiacs and has halal meat.

Address: 15 Street 308 Tonle Bassac Near by Malis and Independence Monument, Phnom Penh 12101 Cambodia

Phone: +855 15 332 288

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Mon-Sun 10M-11pm

Cousin’s Burger & Coffee

Cousins Burger does amazing Europen homemade food, which will get your taste buds in OverDrive.

The burger, chips, and bread are all made in-house with a price range of $4 – $10 with extra options to add to your burger. Also with some meal options, you be othered a free drink.

The service is high, and the restaurant has great attention to detail, especially during covid times.

If you love homemade rustic food, then make sure you visit Cousins burger for lunch.

Address: 200 16eo Street Behind Vattanac Bank, Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia

Phone: +855 12 528 126

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Mon-Sun 11am-10pm


Cambodia’s colonial past left a legacy of French architecture and fabulous French food influences, and Majorelle is a blast from the past with delicious French cuisine.

The restaurant concept is good old rustic French food with a couple of dishes from around the globe. The presentation of food is excellent, and the taste it’s consistently exceptional.

Some of the dishes you might expect here are the Tahitian fish with coconut cream and a chocolate mousse with a salty caramel sauce that will send you to heaven.

The service is quick and slick, and they’re not shy on the portion size either.  So why not give Majorelle ago? You won’t regret it!

Address: 169 Street 154, Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia

Phone: +855 96 999 0278

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Mon-Sat 11am-2pm- 6pm-10pm

Phnom Penh Lunch Guide | The Best Spots In PP

Feliz Restaurant

Feliz offers Khmer style food with western style influence and the staff are friendly. Some of the dishes might expect here are green curry, mango salads and yellow noodles with stir-fried beef. The portion sizes are excellent too.  

If you like cocktails, you can get a Raspberry mojito or a pitcher. I recommend visiting at night because you will get a spectacular view of the city lights while enjoying a beautiful meal.

If you were to give Feliz some criticism, the prices can be a bit high, with a large beer costing you $8.40.

But if you’re taking someone special for lunch, this place offers a little bit more, but you pay for what you get. I recommend coming here on a special occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Address: St. 51 Corner St 288 from St 51 Next Patio Hotel & Feliz Hostel, Phnom Penh 12302 Cambodia

Phone: +855 23 216 596

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Restaurant Opening times Currently Mon-Sun 6:30am-3pm

Burger shack

If you’re after a burger, then look no further. Burger Shack has amazing no-frills burgers with quirky designs. The presentation of the burgers is like a Maccies advertisement.

You can find delicious burgers with double bacon and cheese with extra toppings like avocado and patties. Burger shack cares about its customers and cooks everything to order, and the staff is lovely and attentive.

The decoration of the restaurant is electric with bright colors and quality paintings. If you have kids, there’s another bonus with kid’s toys and lego.

For me, there’s nothing quite like a burger and a beer, and if you’re around the area in the afternoon, why not drop in.

Address: #219 Street 51, Corner 302 Next to Krispy Kreme, Phnom Penh 12302 Cambodia

Phone: +855 76 216 4842

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Mon-Sun 12pm-12am

Eleven One Kitchen BKK1

Eleven One Kitchen has a fantastic variety of high-quality food (No MSG), with local dishes and homemade smoothies.

One of the things you’ll notice about Eleven one is they don’t use any plastic and use green leaves to serve their food (bio disposable). When you’re walking through the restaurant, you also notice, it feels like you’re in a jungle.

You have to try the iced coffee and the smoothies as they knock your socks off.

Address: 123 #37 Street Corner of 460, Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia

Phone: +855 86 619 111

Website: Click here

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 7am-9:30pm

Mok Mony

Mok Mony is a great place if you want to try Kurma food and has many regulars returning for more. You have many menu options such as fried tofu for vegans, tender beef in betel leaves, and Amok curries (National Dish Of Cambodia)

Mok Mony is a bustling restaurant, so understand you might not get seated straight away, and covid has made things a little harder for obvious reasons. But that also shows how good the places is.

The ambiance is casual, and the staff are excellent overall, and if you’re a food lover, you’ve got to come here to try the local cuisine with competitive prices & high food quality.

Address: 63c Street 294, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia

Phone: +855 95 970 861

Website: Click here

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

My Quick Top 5 Cuisines In PP

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Phnom Penh Lunch Guide | The Best Spots In PP

Mealea Restaurant

If you want to take a girl on a date, then look no further as this is one of the most romantic places in Cambodia.

The style of food is French European with an Asian twist. Many dishes are salads, grilled fish, succulent beef, and lamb. The presentation is high with outstanding service with waiters dressed in dinner suits.

Mealea has a romantic feel. In particular, it’s busy over Christmas because of its charm. Again, this is a special restaurant, and many customers come back in their droves.

I would state one tiny error, and that’s the fact that they don’t have many vegetarian options, and it’s very meaty on the menu, so if you’re vegan, it might be hard to come here and find something suitable.

The bar service is excellent too, with an array of delicious cocktails and shorts to get you in a merry mood.

Address: 44B St. 240 Sothearos Blvd, Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia

Phone: +855 23 900 074

Website: Click here

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 6am-11pm

Do Table – Top 5 vegan, top 5 Khmer Food, Indian, Chinese 5 & Westeren 5

Indigo Indian Restaurant

Northern Indian style cooking here at Indigo with a great selection of curries, fresh naan breads, and lassie (Yogurt Drink)

The menu serves authentic Indian food with great veggie and meat selections cooked with care and quality standards.

The staff are from a world-class restaurant in Bombay, and have excellent attention to detail. Another thing in your favor is the price of the food, which is reasonable.

When you visit Indigo, you won’t be able to stop eating with each dish being cooked to perfection.

Address: 373 Preah Sisowath Quay Near by FCC and Royal Palace, Phnom Penh 12206 Cambodia

Phone: +855 11 221 373

Website: Click here

Opening Times

Mon-Sun 10am-11pm

Daughters of Cambodia Visitor Centre Café

If you like cakes, smoothies, and good quality coffee, this should be a go-to for you. The business is also a charity to help people whose lives have been affected by the illegal trafficking of people. You find leaflets around the shop explaining the traffic system, and it hits home and gives perspective.

Overall, the food is relatively healthy, serving dishes as chicken Caesar wraps.

Below the restaurant is merchandise selling gift cards, bags, and T-shirts, all the profits go to this amazing charity.

If you do one good thing today, make sure you visit Daughters of Cambodia.

Address: 63c, Street 456 Toul Tom Poung 1 near Russian Market, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phone: +855 77 657 678

Website: Click here

Opening times:

Mon-Sun 9am-5:30pm

Zhan Liang

If you want to try some excellent Chinese food that’s fresh with a nice friendly atmosphere, this is your place. The bartenders are professional and can serve you top-notch cocktails.

Everyone who walks through the door in this restaurant gets well looked after, from the food to their drinks. 

The reviews of this restaurant are so high that you must pay a visit.

Address: 66 Monivong Boulevard Vattanac Capital Tower, Phnom Penh 12202 Cambodia

Phone: +855 23 936 860

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

11:30-2pm Mon-Sun

Backyard Café

If you’re after fresh food, this is probably the number one place in Phnom Penh with fresh salad bowls, organic coffee and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

One of the many pluses is it’s so relaxing you can chill for hours with excellent quirky music and pleasant staff.

I hear on the Grapevine that customers who leave backyard cafe have converted to be vegan, which shows that the backyard is doing something right.                  

Address: House 11b, Street 246, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phone: +855 78 751 715

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Mon-Sun 7am-8pm

Khema Pasteur

Another fantastic French restaurant with incredible French classics that will leave you very satisfied.

Khema Pasteur has nice soups, meats, and pastries which are consistently tasty. The restaurant comes across as fine dining, so you may have to wait for your food a little bit, but it’s worth it.

You can get a full English breakfast here, which is a pretty decent standard compared to others in Phnom Penh.

The French know how to cook, and they left their mark in Phnom Penh in some positive ways.

Address: # 163 Pasteur Street, Corner 228 Street Ground floor Arunreas Hotel Building, Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia

Phone: +855 15 823 888

Website: Click here

Opening Times:

Mon-Sun 6:30am-10pm


This cafe brings back many memories because I lived around the corner, near the Grand Palace in 2017.

Artillery is a European healthy eating cafe that serves many vegan options and has great coffees. The food is tremendous, and the design of the ambiance is gorgeous too. It reminds me of a backstreet cafe in France.

If you’re strolling past the Palace, make sure you drop in Artillery for a coffee and a bite to eat. I highly recommend it.

Address: Street 240 1/2, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phone: +855 78 985 530

Website: Click here

Opening Hours:


Vibe Café

Vibe cafe is 100% vegan with positive intentions and homemade food.

One special is the Acai bowl which is $6.50 and served in a disposable coconut bowl. Again the food is delicious and nutritious with a lot of thought gone into the menu.

Try a smoothie. Its absolute heaven and has zero sugar.

Address:  Street 446 26A, Russian Market, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phone: +855 61 764 937

Website: Click here

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 7:30am-9pm

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