The Best Weekend Get-Aways From Ho Chi Minh

Vung Tau

The Best Weekend Get-Aways From Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is one hell of a city, but it’s hectic, so you need to escape and get away from this rat race of a city. Ho Chi Minh has many great places outside of the city, such as the Vietnamese Peninsula or the Mekong Delta. In Vietnam, you have some beautiful options for a weekend away.

If you work all week in the city, you probably deserve a break from the crazy traffic and the general noise. Ho Chi Minh is all go go go, so I’d always advise getting away from the city and getting into nature! You’ve got loads of options, so there’s no excuses.

Here’s my list of activities to do outside Ho Chi Minh city

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a great weekend escape and just 53 miles from Ho Chi Minh. If your after a beach break, this is your closest place with beaches like Bai Sau Beach. This is also a great place to rent a motorbike and explore.

You also have other activities such as the big and little mountain. If you want an adventure, you could go for a hike and reach the summit of the mountains. You can also get the cable cart up the hill from Ho May Park theme park and hotel. The views are simply stunning, so if you have a good camera, take advantage.

From up the mountain, you can see the statue of Christ, which isn’t as big as the one in Rio De Janeiro but is still a good size. You can also see a lighthouse which is pretty cool to check out.

Their are many ways to reach Vang Tau. You can hire a limousine depending on your budget? My advice is to get private transport comfier and better.

Ho Chi Minh City: 86-102 kilometers (53-63 miles)

Cat Tien National Park

You can’t beat a National Park, especially if your living in Ho Chi Minh, and Cat Tien is only 3 hours away. The National Park has a lot of wildlife and is well preserved by government protection agencies. You can find sun bears, elephants, monkeys, and loads of bird species. Their are many ways to discover this National Park, whether it’s on foot or by car. If you can find a nice hotel around the area, and this is the kind of place you want to relax.

Ho Tram

Ho Tram has a beautiful beach area and is only a couple of hours away. The beach is a further hour away from Vung Tau, so technically, both destinations can be ticked off.

The town is set for a weekend away and has quirky places to stay with boutique hotels and guest houses. Your sole purpose of visiting Ho Tram will be to chill and nothing else. Some other popular resorts include Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort, Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort, and Carmelina Beach Resort which have Hot Springs and fantastic hospitality.

Again the best way to travel to Ho Tram is by private car or limo, whatever you want to do? Another option is to rent a motorbike and make an adventure out of it.

From Ho Chi Minh 159 kilometers (98 miles)

Stu’s Explorer Club – Two-day weekend activity

Stu’s Explorer club had to make the list for all you adventure junkies out their! This gives you an alternative to relaxing and gets you into nature and camping under the stars. You’ll be taken into the jungle for a hike with activities like swimming and camping, eating home-cooked Vietnamese meals.

You will also go to Dong Nai forest where you can hire a motorbike or get a private car and admire its beauty. In the jungle, you will stay overnight in a relaxing atmosphere, as Stu does an excellent setup and looks after you. He even offers you Leach-free socks. So what more could you want?

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From Ho Chi Minh City: 108 kilometers (67 miles)

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is huge, and it makes sense to visit the 15,600 square miles area with options to choose from. When you leave Ho Chi Minh city, you enter a tribal world where their culture is indigenous, and you see this on the Mekong.

You have a few options on the delta, such as Ben Tre or Can Tho, for your weekend trip. Can Tho is one of the largest cities in Vietnam and isn’t as intense as Ho Chi Minh, and has a chilled vibe.

In Can Tho you have an outstanding floating market, and you can ride a boat and be in the middle of trading.  Also on the market, you’ll be able to get some food such as a nice noodle soup or some grilled meats. While you’re on the mainland, you have loads of temples and markets selling street food with many delicious snacks.

I think while you’re on the Mekong Delta, you should consider getting a guided tour, as you find plenty down there for relatively low prices with food included.

If you decide to travel to Can Tho you can take a 3/4 hour bus or get a taxi, but that costs a bit. Others rent motorbikes, but that can be a bit uncomfortable depending on how adventurous you are?

From Ho Chi Minh City:  85 kilometers (53 miles) to Ben Tre, 200-220 kilometers (124-137 miles) to Can Tho

Victoria Cruises

If you want to travel to Mekong Delta in style, you can get a luxury cruise from Victoria cruises. I’d recommend doing this as it’s nice, peaceful and well-organized.

Upon the cruise, you will be offered delicious food, cycling along the River, and visiting remote villages, and the best thing is it’s all taken care of.

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