Slavic Countries On A Budget | Here Is Your Guide

The Cheapest Slavic Countries To Travel | Here Is Your Guide

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The Cheapest Slavic Countries To Travel  | Here Is Your Guide

Slavic countries have come on a long way since 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. I visited Poland in 2012, and I have to say it’s a beautiful country with rich culture and fantastic architecture, which got me intrigued to find out what you get for your money in Slavic countries on a budget. I’m Ian, a guy who traveled around the world and lived in Phnom Penh Cambodia in 2017. Travelling has always been my passion, and I want to help you pick the right destination, so you have the best time possible.

Their are many perks to living in Eastern Europe, catering to digital nomads is one of them with countries like Estonia (Most Digital Country in the World), Bulgaria with software startups like Siteground hosting, and the Ukraine with its large expat community in Odesa. The attraction of Eastern Europe is low living costs, beautiful countryside and historical cities with character and charm.

Here’s my list of favorite Slavic countries and what it costs to live their- Keep reading!`


Belarus is starting to open up as one of Europe’s best destinations to visit. This is down to the culture, old Soviet architecture, quirky cafes, good hospitality, and moderate visa requirements that have just been put in place.

The country seems a lot more stable with the election riots passing now- not that this was a problem for tourists or expats in the first place. Belarus, in general, is relatively safe, and the people are friendly & hospitable, which adds to its recent success.

You can now come to Belarus on a free 30-day visa. You arrive in Minsk and leave in Minsk as a part of the Visa credentials. The capital is bustling with excellent museums, fantastic nightlife, and restaurants with traditional cuisine.

Other cities like Brest & Hrodna are on a European level with great shops & accommodation. The countryside is spectacular with historic castles and lush national parks.

Belarus expenditures list

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent $338.18
Co-Work Space$40-$70
Utilities $65 with Internet


If you want to visit a traditionally diverse country with a blend of Hungry and Ottoman culture, this country has it in a Slavic European form with East meets West.

In recent times the country had a tragic civil war in the early 1990s, and you can still see landmarks from the war today. But times change, and this country has warm hospitality, beautiful countryside, mountains, historic castles, beautiful waterfalls, and Sking.

Sarajevo and Mostar have been rejuvenated and now full of life. The cities’ architecture is Ottoman with traditional Turkish cuisine, side-street cafes, charcoal grill meat restaurants, and exciting museums. You also get a lot of value for money as it is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe.

Bosnia Expenditures List


Monthly BillsCost In US Dollars $
Bars/Restaurants $4.25
Co-Work Space$30-$60
Transportation $32
Utilities $160 With Internet


Bulgaria has so many attractions with white Sandy beaches, goodnight life & sophisticated art. The country also has a vast history with beautiful countryside and mountains. Bulgaria has it all and is one of Europe’s most underrated countries to visit.

Bulgaria has the Black Sea on its coast with beautiful clear water and sea breezes for you to enjoy. Primorsko is a great beach resort with lovely restaurants and bars with competitive prices are a lot cheaper than Western resorts like Spain. You can also find the infamous sunny beach which younger people go and party in their droves.

Bulgaria’s Churches have a golden dome with beautiful paintings with a unique design to Bulgaria’s history. The Aleksander Nevski Church in Sofia was built in the 10th century and attracted Bulgarian pilgrims for miles. The churches with their candlelight in sacred surroundings look like a dream and defiantly worth looking at.

If your into hiking and skiing, make sure you check out the amazing mountains Bulgaria has to offer. The mountain’s snow capes glisten in the sun, with acres of woodland dropping down the mountains. Wildlife is also in epic proportion with bears, wolves, and Lynks that give you a glimpse of ancient wildlife in Europe.

You find the Ski fields in Bansko with an elevation of 925m and resorts close by with restaurants and accommodation. I hear it’s the cheapest place in Europe (Not 100% sure) but is defiantly cheaper than western Europe.

Bulgaria Expense List

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent$438.22
Bars/Restaurant$7.30 (Per Meal)
Co-Work Space$40-$60
Utilities $136


The Mediterranean is the most beautiful sea in the world with different cultures & cuisines making Croatia one of the most visited Slavic Countries. The beaches have white pebbles with crystal clear water, great for chilling and soaking up some sun. The beach has loads of activities such as Snorkelling, Kayaking, Diving, Sailing and windsurfing and amazing facilities for you to enjoy!

The countryside is spectacular with huge mountains, limestone karst, and a culture that appreciates this beautiful area. If you like hiking and off-road biking, Croatia is set up for all outside activities gives you plenty of options for things to do. Like most countries in the Mediterranean, Croatia has a strong affiliation with food and has tapas dishes for you to share. The hospitality in Croatia is second to none, with fresh organic produce.

Outside the cities, you get a lot more homemade rustic foods made with passion and desire from up- and-coming chefs. Croatia in recent years has been on the world stage with food, and rightly so.

Croatia Expense List

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent$471
Bars/Restaurant$9.45 (Per Meal)
Co-Work Space$60-$80
Utilities $220 with Internet

Czech Republic

In terms of the most visited places in Europe Czech Republic has to be right up their with Paris and Amsterdam with Tourists.

The Czech Republic is a different country compared to the communist days of 1989. Prague is simply one of Europe’s best cities with medieval and Gothic architecture that can be traced over 550 years. The city has history everywhere, with the Charles bridge constructed in the 14th century.

The city has many historical points about it, but it’s also a hub for business and high-quality urban living with a great foodie culture and excellent wine.

Czech Republic has had a turbulent history from the Hungarian empire to the Soviet Union days. Over the years, the country built many amazing castles and mansions, giving Prague its classical beauty today.

The Czech Republic is home to some of the best beers globally with the unique pilsners, and it’s exciting way of producing top-quality beers. You also have some famous branded beer like Budvar and Staropramen, which won many international awards. Prague also has many microbreweries which goes in-depth with the brewing process. This leads to many bars and pubs selling top-notch beer and probably the worlds best.

Czech Republic Expense list

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent$621
Bars/Restaurant$6.86 Per Meal
Co-Work Space$120
Utilities $227 including Internet


Find Macedonia a mixture between Greek, Turkish and ancient Rome history with an interesting history and diverse culture.

The country has stunning cities and countryside with a lot of wealth in the country from outside investment. The mountains have hiking trails for miles and national parks like Mavovo & Galcia, which are top tourist spots with a genuine look into Macedonia culture.

The city Skopje invested a lot of money into key tourist areas such as monuments and fountains, which have improved the city.

Macedonia Expense List

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent$223
Bars/Restaurant$3.87 Per Meal
Co-Work Space$100
Utilities $134


Montenegro has some amazing mountains, spectacular beaches, and locals with warm hospitality, which puts Macedonia as one of the most unique countries in Europe!

One of the biggest attractions in Montenegro is the coastlines with beautiful clear water and medieval towns with ancient walls surrounding them. The wildlife in Montenegro stunning mountain ranges where you can find Wolves and Bears in remote areas.

Montenegro was apart of the Roman Empire, and it left a legacy of mosaics, Roman-style architecture, Monasteries, churches, and mosques. In recent years the Soviet Union came to prominence and mixed its culture with western capitalism.

If your after something a bit different, Montenegro should be on your list.

Montenegro Expense List

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent$374.59
Co-Work Space$60-$100
Utilities $150 Plus Internet


I’ve only been to Poland once and didn’t disappoint with amazing architecture, excellent restaurants, beautiful countryside, mountains, and lovely people.

The history in Poland is vast and tragic in parts, with the Ottoman wars & WW2, where Poland was in a bad position both East & West side prior and post-war. The Holocaust was a terrible reminder of what can happen in wars, and the concentration camp still stands today just outside Krakow.

Poland has many historical castles with gothic designs that survived the ages of its turbulent history, with castles built on hilltops and mountains. In years gone by, the Teutonic Knights would pass by from checkpoint to checkpoint scouring the land.

Polish food is a lot of pastries, fermented cabbage, pork, mushrooms, onions, and beetroot with high-standards and good food quality. I recommend soups like Żurek (Sour Rye Soup), which is served in the bread.

Poland Expense List

Monthly BillsCosts In US Dollars $
Monthly Rent$535.56
Co-Work Space$60-$100
Utilities $192

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