What To Do In The Rainy Season In Thailand

What To Do In The Rainy Season Of Thailand

What To Do In The Rainy Season Of Thailand


If you visit Thailand in the rainy season, you need to know what to expect, especially with extreme downpours, massive storms, floods, and sticky weather. In urban areas of Bangkok, the lifestyle changes, and the locals have to adapt to climate depending on the situation. If you’re planning on visiting Thailand in the rainy season this year, you need to know what to expect.

The rainy season kicks off from July to October with a mid-temperature of  26°c with unpredictable heavy rainfall. The foresight of the rainy season is lashing down rain and uncomfortable weather, but this isn’t always true!

Below are the best places to visit in Thailand from July to October are listed below- Enjoy

Chiang Mai

One of the best cities in Thailand is Chiang Mai, with stunning national parks and cooler weather compared to other regions in Thailand. Chiang Mai becomes beautiful in the rainy season with lush evergreen plantations, which look spectacular from the mountain views.

In the rainy season, it’s a great time to get outside and make the most cooler weather with fantastic bicycle routes, trekking, and mountain views. Many cyclists and trekkers visit the wet season with plenty of trails to view the beautiful scenery.

If you decide to visit Chiang Mai, check out Wat Phra Doi Suthep temple, which is found on the side of a mountain. The sunsets are phenomenal, and it’s a great place to do photography with plenty of wildlife. Another amazing perk is the cool climate in the evening, and you even get the chance to wear a jumper on some chilly nights. Also, don’t forget the fantastic eateries and grand massage parlors if the heavens decide to open.

What to do in the wet season in Thailand


Thailand is a wonderful place for adventurous tourists. Phitsanulok is great for white water rafting with an over-swelling of the rivers in the rainy season, making it perfect for white water rafting, especially the Phitsanulok river, which is around 8 Kilometers but can be difficult for first-timers. The surroundings are beautiful, with mountains, forests, and wildlife.

If you don’t want to do adventure activities, Phitsanulok offers amazing historical Buddha statues and beautiful temples like Wat Phra Si Mahathat. A lot of travel writers call Phitsanulok the “Centre of culture.” You also have many classical Thai movies filmed here.


Phuket in the rainy season is usually wetter than the northern regions of Thailand, which may put people off from visiting, but it’s still a fantastic place to go. Although Phuket pulls tourists in to see its beautiful beaches, the dry season offers a cheaper option in the wet season, with some hotels offering half-price compared to the dry season.

It’s important to remember that the show must go on the wet season with all bars, cafes, massages, and gyms staying open. I’ve stayed in Phuket in the wet season, and I had a blast, and I got lucky with the weather with not much rain.


If you want to get off the beaten track and discover a hidden gem in Thailand, then Lampang is the place to check out. The town has a traditional feel with its cobbled streets, horse-drawn carts, and its roosters chirping throughout the day.

The city also has a national park, “Chae Son National Park, ” with healing powers, beautiful mountains, and hot springs. The springs are great for a bath and general relaxation, and after, you can take a walk through the many trails available. In the rainy season, the jungle comes alive with lush green pasture and lovely morning fog, which gives it a magical feel.

What To Do In The Rainy Season In Thailand

Nakhon Si Thammarat

This area is covered with agricultural developments from rice to fruit orchards, and the rainy season makes the area perfect for growing produce. Some of the fruit is simply delicious, from rambutan, mangosteen, and durian, which puts Nakhon Si Thammarat firmly on the map as a culinary delight. The fog and the rain help the fruit flourish nicely, and for that reason, locals and tourists flock here for great cheap produce.

Another positive is Nakhou has the cleanest air in Thailand, which is a great alternative to the smog of Bangkok, which is a drawback. The city is also centuries-old and had a huge influence on big business set-ups here, leaving their mark on food and art. Also, make sure you see the Nang Thalung shadow puppet show with its unique historical theme. A great activity to do while the heavens are open.


Bangkok is a great place to get some retail therapy with high-end malls, traditional markets, and great restaurants. The transport system is pretty good in Bangkok, with the Sky-Train connecting all the districts for a low price.

Thailand’s most extensive shopping area is Pratunam which has designer brands and quality clothing. Head to Talat Rot Fai for some imaginative antiques if you’re after a more traditional market.

Watch a Muay Thai match in Bangkok

The number one sport in Thailand is Muay Thai, and with low prices, you can watch good quality bouts and stacked cards. The most prestige stadiums are Lumpinee & Rajadamnern, which host daily events. There are plenty of ways to book a ticket, but the best way is to go through a tour agency.

For a lower budget fight, the Riverside Astiaque market has many shows

Bangkok’s Museums and Temples

Thailand has some of the most incredible temples, which gives you a real taste of Thai culture. Some of the artwork is spectacular and defiantly worth checking out. I highly recommend the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple.

After visiting the temples, you should go to Bangkok’s excellent museums. Again you find cultural knowledge about Thailand and get to view incredible local artwork.

Get a Spa Treatment and Massage

Thailand is famous for high-quality massages for a great price and is available on every street corner. It’s probably the most relaxing activity you can do on earth so make the most of it!

The massages are great for when the rain bolts down and you have some spare time. If you want an elite service check out the 5-star hotels


After traveling to Thailand a fair few times in the rainy season, I’ve always had a great time, and the weather can be decent and not always raining. Another great thing is Thailand is a lot cheaper in this period with hotels being up to a 3rd cheaper. Thailand is still epic in any month of the year, and you shouldn’t be put off from going!

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