Vietnam Craft Beer | Here Is Your Guide

Where To Find Craft Beer In Vietnam | Here Is Your Guide

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Where To Find Craft Beer In Vietnam | Here Is Your Guide

You may not know this, but Vietnam has some of the best craft beer in Asia. You can find micro-breweries all over the country brewing everything from IPAS to stouts. My guide will tell you what you can get and where to find it.

Vietnam has a lot to offer in terms of craft beers up and down the country, with plenty of breweries inspired by European greats such as Czech and German beers. You can get many packages and tours, from getting picked up on a cyclo to spending a whole day in the brewery happily having a few drinks. Something more interesting is the fact you can have dinner included in the package tour price and make a day of it. I truly beleive you will be surprised by the number of breweries in a city like HCMC, which has over 40 breweries.

If your into craft beer, keep on reading to find out where to find excellent ales and the fantastic micro-brewery breweries Vietnam has to offer.

Cities With Craft Beer

You don’t need much to enjoy yourself in Vietnam. The area oozes simple life, and what could be simpler than and enjoying a nice cold crisp beer in a lovely tropical climate.

Vietnam is starting to catch on with quality craft beer and micro-breweries opening up all over the country, offering decent beer at affordable prices. Here’s a few to look out for if you like beer like me.

Hanoi Tap Houses

Hanoi is beautiful, with plenty of marshes and scenic places to have a cold beer, with plenty of brilliant taprooms and gastro pubs. You find standing bars with amazing tapas and homemade beers on the lakes, especially Truc Bach lake.

If you’re into your football, go to Furbrew 100 Beer Garden near West Lake, which is a real vibe and a  good Sunday session.  Another place to check out is C craft beer in the olden quarter of the city. The beer quality is so good you won’t be able to stop drinking with a smile on your face.

Danang & Nha Trang Tap Houses

Another happening place in Vietnam with craft beer is Danang & Nha Trang, with beautiful coastline’s and that vacation vibe. One place I recommend is the seven bridges brewery which is a rooftop bar. If you head to Danangs Riverside, you will find bars with award-winning beers that go down wonderfully with a range of sustainable vegan options.

Nha Trang

If you’re in beautiful Nha Trang, check out Louisiane Brewhouse, a cool gaff to catch some rays and chill. You find the bar right on the beach with a cool swimming pool to take a dip (Don’t go if your drunk, of course)

Ho Chi Minh City Tap Houses

Ho Chi Minh micro-breweries have taken off big time with plenty of cool venues to check out. I would say the largest breweries are down south, so the selection is endless and world-class.

A good quality brewery to keep an eye out for is  Pasteur Street Brewery, which has two hidden gems in Ho Chi Minh.

If you’re in the Bui Vien area (HCMC), you want to try Ông Cao taproom for a great selection of craft beers. For a wider selection, go to BiaCraft Artisan Ales in District 3. In this taproom, you will find over 50 beers to taste with some unique flavoring.

Where To Find Craft Beer In Vietnam | Here Is Your Guide

Brewery Tours

Now that you’re educated with the best regions in Vietnam for beer, it only makes sense to drop by the brewery and sample the local delicacies.

Pasteur Street Brewery (HCMC)

For me, the best place to start would be Pasteur Street Brewery. The brewery has passion fruit wheat ales ranging from 4.8% ABV. The tap house is well respected within the craft beer community, so this is a indicator of quality, firstly. I know the brewery takes pride and produces real fresh ingredients.

The beer goes down nicely with a silky texture with not to much carbonate giving you a full taste of the flavors. This beer ranks high globally and would undoubtedly sit well in any western bar for a respectable price.

144 Pasteur Street, District 1, HCMC

Down the alley, take the stairs on your left

+84 28 7300 7375

Opening hours: Daily 4.30pm – 12am

Furbrew Bia Phở (Mainly Found in Hanoi)

Furbrew beer has a clean cinnamon taste with a hint of coriander, given this beer a natural flavor that’s quite refreshing. You also get to taste many hops in this beer, which sends a shiver down my spine as I’m not into hoppy beers, and I wouldn’t drink this all night personally.

The beer is most prevalent in Hanoi, but you can find it HCMC and Ngoc Van in Tay Ho. But it can be difficult as the beer changes location quite regularly. One place that might sell is Bia Craft (HCMC), but there’s no guarantees. When you’re up North you will have more places available.

Address: 52 Đường Tô Ngọc Vân, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội 10000, Vietnam

Phone: +84 357 724 112

Winking Seal Beer (HCMC)

Winking Seal Beer compliments Vietnam’s climate but has one negative factor: The ingredients don’t originate from Vietnam, making it a foreigner. The beer is quite fruity and not as creamy as it states on the packaging but is light and refreshing with some zip.

Now, this Isn’t the best-rated beer in Vietnam. It has a different taste which makes it stand out from other beers. But just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not good, as Vietnam has a thriving craft beer market, with a wide selection available.

You can find this beer in two places in HCMC. The 1st place to visit is the home of winking seal (The Tap room) . The next place to go is Bia Craft which, for the most part, has the beer on top. Make sure we tried this beer at least once, as this could become your new staple drink.

Address: 50 Đặng Thị Nhu, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Phone: +84 28 7300 0319

Website: Click here

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 3pm-12am

Saigon Cider’s- Hot Chili Cider (HCMC)

When you think about this cider, you start thinking, “Am I tripping?” because when have you heard of a spicy cider? Never! When this cider is on tap it sticks out like a sore thumb. I guess people are intrigued? Now some people will love it, and others will hate it but try it and never judge a book by its cover

I would describe the taste as refreshing overall with a burning aftertaste of chili, but its not so spicy in my opinion, but I love spicy food, so I could be wrong. Another interesting fact about the cider is a lady owns it, and it turns out she’s the only female owner of craft beer in Vietnam. Long Storey, short there’s a buzz about this cider, so make sure you try it.

So where to find this wonderful cider? You need to go Rogue (13 Pasteur, D1), but sadly they don’t have a taproom. The second option is to get home delivery and at bars and restaurants around Ho Chi Minh

Website: Click here

Phone: +84909 015998

C-Brewmaster’s Lemongrass Ale (Hanoi)

If you want to try something unique to Vietnam’s craft beer industry, you need to try this lemongrass ale. The ale is so distinctive in Vietnam you would not have tried anything like it before, and its great!

The ale is now starting to spread its wings, having originated in Hanoi, is now moving to HCMC, and holds the title of Vietnam’s first craft beer brewmaster, and for a good reason, this beer is class.

You can find the ale on sale in HCMC at 52B Nguyen Binh Khiem, D1, at their taproom, and its crisp, tasty and fresh. If you’re looking for a tour, please check the address below.


North: Lot 37 – 6, Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Melinh, Hanoi

South: Thanh Nhung 2 Hamlet, Phuoc Trung Commune,

Go Cong Dong District, Tien Giang Province

Phone: 024 3200 1222

Website: Click here

LAC Brewing Co’s Mango IPA

To scroll down the great list of craft beers, you must include an IPA as this beer is widespread and the signature drink of craft beers. I don’t like beers that are too hoppy I’m more of an ale guy. My friends love IPA’s and always rave about them.

The beer is a dark orange color and looks like a mango. The thing about this IPA is it’s smooth and light to drink, so even if you don’t like them, this beer might suit you? The mangoes are organically sourced in Phan Thiet, and the quality shows.

You can always find this IPA at Bia Craft, or you can head to the venue at 169/7 Nguyen Duc Canh in D7 for a fresher taste

Ho Chi Minh Beer City

HCMC Breweries Guide – Best Ale’s Only!

Pasteur Street Brewing

The best brewery in HCMC is just locally sourced ingredients to make some of Vietnam’s best beers. I think their traction here is that each can’t get craft beers with these ingredients around the world, which is unique to Vietnam. The brewery offers taster options where you can try 6 mini beers and pick your favorite.  

The beers here are full of flavor, offering a great selection of fruit wheat beers that’s so good you can find them in seven elevens around the city.

You can find a brewery in three locations around the city, two in District 1 and the third in District 2. The first taproom is pretty tiny and can be found on Pasteur Street (District 1), near the Rex hotel. The bar only literally fits a dozen people making an intimate experience that will intrigue you.

The second brewery it’s also in District 1 and considered the best option and can be found at 26A Lê Thánh Tôn. The brewery is a bit more spacious with a modern taproom, restaurant, and spread out over 3 levels.

And If things couldn’t get any better, Pasteur Street Brewing has a great taphouse in Hanoi, which is great if your in that region.


Biacraft is in the top three best breweries in HCMC, attracting many expats and locals regularly.  The brewery has many tap houses around HCMC, but District 3 is the busiest venue. The amount of beer on tap is incredible, with 50 top-notch beers at their disposal.

If I worked in HCMC I could imagine myself finishing work and going for a quick beer in this beautiful brewery. The tap house has a lovely terrace to sit down and relax and is perfect for socializing. If your after an authentic ale experience, this should be on top of the list. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

Address:  1 Lê Ngô Cát, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +2839330903

Website: Click here


Malt is a great place for socializing with a mix of locals and expats meeting in a downtown bar serving unique local malt beers and excellent craft ales from overseas. The prices of the beer are on point with their competitors ($5 a beer). One attraction is the pint boards, outside patio, and the amazing pastrami. If you’re more of a premium larger guy, then they have top brands such as Heineken and popular local drinks.

Address: 46 Mạc Thị Bưởi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +918484763

Website: Click here

Heart Of Darkness

The bar opened up in 2016, and it’s been pretty successful ever since, attracting a lot of custom from around the city. The bar serves excellent food with a barbecue with supreme meat cuts that are juicy and tender. The best pub to visit is District 1, with fantastic local IPA’s and awesome stouts for you to sink one after another. Make no mistake about it, Heart Of Darkness is a proper pub, Enjoy!

Address: 31D Lý Tự Trọng, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +903017596

Website: Click here

Hanoi Brewery Guide

The real King of craft beer in Vietnamese is HCMC, but Hanoi is hot on its heels. Providing world-class service to craft beer.

Turtle Lake Brewing Company

The name of this brewery comes from one of the lakes in Hanoi under situated perfectly right in the middle of an ex-pat community. The brewery has been open since 2018 and has had a thriving trade ever since. I think it’s so popular because there are loads of events with everything from quiz nights and charity events.

The beer is a wide selection with everything from IPA’s to pilsners. They even do tasty mango smoothies.

Address: 105 Phố Quảng Khánh, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: +842466505187

Website: Click here

Thom Brewery

Thom Brewery flies the flag for Vietnamese beer by using only locally sourced ingredients, making it exactly what it says on the tin. The owners used to be government officials and wanted to produce fair trade for the farmers to grow a better local economy. The local ingredients you’ll find are buckwheat, coffee, cinnamon, and black pepper from the country’s central regions with fresh fruits from the south.

Address: 167 Phố Trích Sài, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: +84375154683

Website: Click here

iBiero Craft Beer Station

iBiero inspiration goes back to Germany with a German beer setup with some strong lagers, German-inspired food, and an in-house brewery. Another selling point is the food matches the beer with fresh-cut beef complementing the drinks.  If your a German beer fan like I am, you have to stop and pay a visit.

Address: 99 Đường Lê Duẩn, Hà Nội, 10000, Vietnam

Phone: +842438802222

Website: Click here

Homie Brewhouse

The homie brewhouse was born in 2016, and has been making good quality beer ever since. The education of HB is so high with obsessions of producing top-quality beer consistently. The selection isn’t huge, but I like minimalist places, and the quality is there 100%. But long, Storey short homie produces some of the best beer in the city! So check it out!

Address: 59 Ngõ 2 – Hoàng Sâm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: +84904002393

Website: Click here

Barett at Hang Vui Craft Beer Restaurant

They say if you want to do something well, you need a passion for what you do, and there’s no shortage of that here! The gentleman who owns the brewery as a business degree and began studying craft beer with brewing techniques from the West. The family has been distributing ingredients for years, so there was a natural progression into making quality ales.

You can find all the ales around Hanoi, but if you want to go to the brewery, a 30-minute drive outside the city. If you have a spare afternoon, why not try it? The beer is incredible, so don’t miss out.

Address: Khu đô thị Linh Đàm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: +84913536996

Website: Click here

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