Where To Find Thailand’s Best Cycle Routes

Where To Find Thailand’s Best Cycle Routes

Where To Find Thailand’s Best Cycle Routes

Thailand has some spectacular scenery, and cycling is one of the biggest sports in this nation. Destinations like Chiang Mai, which has over 12 national parks, is becoming a cycling hub with travelers worldwide. But it’s not just Chiang Mai. You have areas outside Bangkok like Kanchanaburi with a flat and beautiful terrain perfect for cycling.

One of the things Thailand has is it’s windy with plenty of Hills and mountains to climb. Thailand is now attracting cyclists worldwide, and for a reason with plenty of cycle shops and a booming economy in cycling tourism. If you fancy cycling, here’s a few destinations below you have to check out.

If you’ve never been to Thailand before, I would always do some research, and my guide below will help


If you like your history as I do, Kanchanaburi has some riches to offer with the bridge over River Kwai (Built By The British/Dutch in WW2) and the Hellfire Pass. You also have the ornate temples and the kurma ruins of Muang Singh with caves and Hills and acres of forests with breathtaking views.

You need to go outside Kanchanaburi and go to the rural areas to find good cycling roots. The routes can get a little bit rugged so do your research before departure and make a safety plan. Mountain bikes will make life easier for the challenging terrain parts of the trip. A pretty cool area to ride is next to the death railway, which in the day was a brutal part of Thailands history.

Bangkok to Phuket

If you’re an ex-pat living in Bangkok, this route will excite you with a massive 528 miles (850k) ride. The cycle route is popular, with loads of people taking their biking obsession to the next level with this ride. I would say, though, only consider this route if you’re experienced and have some significant stamina.

With this route being so long, you have to be realistic, so if you can’t complete the route, you need to think about hiring a vehicle to pick up your bikes. This trip requires plenty of organization and plan b’s just in case. But for me, I would relish this task and would love to attempt this

Sukhothai, Northern Thailand

The routes in Sukhothai are best to riden by mountain bikes as their pretty rugged and used by local farmers on their tractors. Their beautiful and full of history, with Sukhothai being built in the 13th century. Surrounding the town are Paddy fields and the Sukhothai historical park with tonnes of ruins and a UNESCO World Heritage site with motes and gateways to admire in their beauty.

If you need a tour group, you have Spiceroads specializing in bike tours in Thailand, knowing the routes like the back of their hand, and taking care of everything so you don’t have to worry.


If your a beginner in the Cycling World, this is perfect. With a distance of just 31 miles (50k). The tour takes around 2 1/2 hours, depending on fitness and the weather. You’re better off going with a road bike as the route is tarmacked and flat.

If your concerned about traveling to Thailand with your bike, you don’t have to. You can hire bikes for as little as $1.50, depending on what you want? The weather conditions can also be bad so be careful as traffic in South East Asia can be all over the place.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Khao Sam Roi is found South just of Hua Hin and a serious mountain range (Mountain Of 300 peaks), so you need to be fit and ready for Hills.  I like this route as you get to see mountains and the coast with massive limestone cliffs that are breathtaking and great for pictures. Their are a couple of stop-offs: Phraya Nakhon cave and the Daeng viewpoint for its stunning views.

Chiang Rai

I love the northern part of Thailand, and it’s my favorite part. Traveling on the train and seeing the jungle takes my breath away. But cycling in Chiang Rai is one of the most popular places to ride in Thailand with temples like the white temple which is a gem to see and sparkles in the distance.

Chiang Rai has many roots, but mostly your ridding past Paddy fields towards temples. In the North, your spoilt for choice with routes you can take. If it’s your first time in Thailand, I recommend the  forest cycle routes for sure as their some of the best routes in the world.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the staple of cycling in Thailand and one of the most popular places for cycling. The highest point in the whole of Thailand is here, which is called Doi Inthanon, and has thousands of cyclists every year riding up this mountain.

The terrain in Chiang Mai is fearsome, but that’s the area’s appeal with every professional cycling team training here. The cultural aspect is also high, with the monasteries and monks going for morning prayers, and you casually riding past adds to the romance of the area. One of the best areas is the old city with four gates, but all round Chiang Mai is incredible.

Phang Nga to Ao Nang Beach

This route is 53 miles long and is right along the beach, which in Thailand is pretty epic with some of the best beaches in the world. A lot of the track is paved, so you can have a road bike with the destination between four to five hours.

On this track, you will see some heavy traffic so make sure you have all the protective cycling gear. Also, be careful not to ride into any potholes, wild animals, or stray dogs. if you decide to cycle alone, make sure you have an emergency plan.

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