Where To Find The Best Markets In Phnom Penh

Where To Find The Best Markets In Phnom Penh

Where To Find The Best Markets In Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh has a soul and has some pretty good markets to buy goods and street food. The markets are the heartbeat of the commercial shopping for locals in Phnom Penh and defiantly an experience with plenty of haggling and vibrancy.

You find everything at the markets from silk, dried fish, electrical goods, pirated goods, weapons, and much more. The downside of the markets can get hectic with chickens flapping around, wild animals, butchery, and shouting. But you get use to the mayhem and save a lot of money by buying top-quality fresh foods. Either way, you should get amongst it and enjoy yourself as you won’t find any markets like this in the west.

Keep reading to find out where to buy what goods and how to go about buying

Central Market (Phsar Thmei)

The Central Market has been around since 1937 and is the most popular market in Phnom Penh. If you’ve seen a holiday advertisement in Cambodia, you would have seen Central market in all its glory. The design of the market has high ceilings that are airy and is the cleanest market in Phnom Penh.

You can buy everything here for electronic goods, jewelry, household goods, clothing, and street food. The market can get a little full-on but is generally a better shopping experience than, say, the Russian market, but you do pay a little more here. If your after better quality goods such as jewelry and gold, which are of quality.

The food variety here is massive, so if your hungry after, you are in the right place. Grocery shopping is best done early as its fresher. On the other hand, the meat needs to bought early as it’s left out all day in the heat. While your their the street food is excellent with some unique dishes to eat on your plastic stool. Central market should be your first market to choose from in Phnom Penh!

Address: Calmette St. (53), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phone: +855 98 288 066

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-6pm

Russian Market – Toul Tom Poung Market

The Russian market is my favorite market in Phnom Penh, and you can buy everything from souvenirs, fake goods, antiques, silks, crafts, and jewelry. Make sure your barter is up to scratch, as this will stop you from getting overcharged.

One of the reasons you get a lot of traffic coming to the Russian market is the food is on point. You get some of the best cafés and street food vendors here, which are better than all the other markets. Also, you can make a day of it and have some food and a few beers.

The produce is amazingly fresh, and if you head to street 440 you will get some sublime tastes.  The market closes at 4pm, and you can find the great seafood vendors after closure.

Address: Corner of Street 163 and Street 440

Phone: +855 15 222 930

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 6am-4:30pm

Orussey Market

The Walmart of the markets of Phnom Penh is Orussey, with a huge market with a local only feel. The market sells a lot of random items, from a Nintendo charger to classic zipper lighters. Another key to the market is the number of tailers available, which is great if you need a suit at a low price. You can see how random this market is with the sheer volume of goods here. You can find anything!

The farang levels are low here, so you may be charged more, and the level of English is low. The market is huge, so be careful not to get lost in these fast-paced environments.

If your after a bite to eat, you will find a wide variety of street food but remember, the further your away from the center PP the more the hygiene standards drop.

Address: Main Entrance on Street 182

Phone: +855 85 833 315

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-5pm

Boueng Keng Kang Market

One of the smaller markets in Phnom Penh with a maze-like structure selling everything from household stuff, clothing, and electronics. On the other side, you have meat and local street foods that are quirky and different.

The types of foods you can find our grilled meats and baguettes with the fresh produce available. You can also get tasty waffles here, which are the market’s signature dish.

Address: Walk in from Street 380

Phone: +855 12 418 922

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-5pm

Night Market (Phnom Penh)

This market is nice for an evening stroll and is open from 6pm until midnight Friday to Sunday. At the Russian market will always get cheaper goods, and this market is a little more expensive. You can find food here and few good bars close by with souvenirs available. Its not my first choice but the location is pretty cool, so its worth a quick look.

Address: Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-11pm Fri-Sat 5pm-12pm

Doeurm Kor Market

Doeurm Kor Market is congested and constant til it closes with some of the best produce available in Phnom Penh. This is a locals market, so don’t expect to see many farangs in this neck of the woods. If you like durian and dragon fruit, this is your gaff.

Address: Enter from Street 245

Opening Hours- Mon 5:30am-5pm Tues-6am-7pm Wed-Sun 6am-5pm

I also do a guide of where to find the best markets in Bangkok, which I suggest you checkout.

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