Where To Play Sports In Sihanoukville


Where To Play Sports In Sihanoukville

If you’re a sports lover and like to play team games, Sihanoukville has many sports to keep you entertained, fit, and healthy. I’m Ian, a bloke who lived in Phnom Penh in 2017 for a year and loves this country. While living in Phnom Penh, I got offered to play football, kickboxing, and trained at the Olympic stadium daily. Sihanoukville has tons to offer in terms of sports, and I’m going to break it down for you right now.

Sihanoukville Is a coastal city. With that in mind, you do get many sporting activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skis, and traditional sports like soccer, basketball, and even golf!

Many tourists who travel these days will always hold a gym routine or have a healthy day in general. If you’re an expat, a great way of meeting new people is joining sports club groups simultaneously, keeping yourself fit.

If you want to know more about Sihanoukville’s sports, keep reading my informative guide, and remember to play safe!

Water Sports


Sihanoukville has amazing coral reefs dotted all over the coast with beautiful aquatic life and plantation. Scuba nation has PADI 5 Star instructors and has dived with hundreds of tourists worldwide.

Whatever your diving level is, Scuba nation has four options to choose from

Learning To Dive/Instructor Course

If you’ve always wanted to learn to dive and pick up qualification at the end, you can in Sihanoukville. After a three to four-day course, you can be fully qualified and be competent in scuba basics, kit, and capability and be confident in the fundamentals of Schuba diving.

The qualification you can pick up is the PADI Open Water program.

Day Trips

Trips are arranged around the number of customers that book a day trip. The schedule usually is day and night trips (Courses available at night)

If you decide to go for a day trip, the company works around you and your schedule.

Company: Scuba Nation

Address: Cambodia, Preah Sihanouk, Saracen Bay, Koh Rong SanloemScuba Nation Diving Centre

Phone: +855 71 781 9266

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 9am-8pm



Sihanoukville has some fantastic places for snorkeling with crystal bluewater and soft white sand. However, Sihanoukville isn’t renowned for its coral reefs, unlike the neighbors Vietnam & Thailand, which suck in thousands of tourists every year. Cambodia, in general, doesn’t market its diving tourist sector well, which is a shame because it’s a tropical haven.

Ko Rong Samloem Island’s has beautiful marine wildlife, reefs, and tropical water temperatures. If you go with a good company, the instructors will be qualified and English speaking. Normally the whole execution is half a day with morning and afternoon trips with service boats with you throughout the entire time.

The Samloem Islands have over 600 species living in the amazing coral. The fish in this area are butterflyfish, pufferfish, pirate fish, sea horses, and angelfish.

Morning Snorkeling = $18

Afternoon Snorkeling = $38

To make a booking- Click here

Kite Surfing

One of the positives of kite surfing in Sihanoukville is that the water is lovely and warm, with minimal temperature variation throughout the year. Typically the wind comes in stronger in the afternoon, so anytime after 1:00 PM is excellent conditions.

To do kite surfing, you need to be of reasonable fitness as the drag and pull places tension all over your body.

Kitesurfing has no involvement with the Tide, so you can go out whenever. Ochheuteal Beach Is a good spot with the waves not being too overpowering, and when you want to rest, their are plenty of little bars and cafes to have a drink and sit down.

I couldn’t find any shops for kite surfing rental, but I imagine there would be something their as you can do lessons.

To train in Kite surfing, look at Blue Lagoon Kitesurf School

Address: Blue Lagoon Kitesurf School, Preah Sihanouk 18000, Cambodia

Phone: +85510243070

Social Media: Facebook

Football (Soccer)

After looking all over Facebook and Google, I can’t seem to find much activity in terms of soccer groups in Sihanoukville but there definitely around.

I advise you on speaking to ex-pats in sports bars (Like-Minded people) where they play football? I found in sports bars in Phnom Penh I was always offered a kick about.

For me, football is like the universal language of finding common ground with people. You can make friends and Its great for your social life.


If you’ve ever done any martial arts training, you can appreciate how enduring and intense it can be. I promise you if you want to get ripped, train in kickboxing in a 35-degree gym, the weight will fall of you!

The endorphins you get from this fierce workout are incredible, and the whole sport is a way of life with many positive disciplines.

Not many people know this but Cambodia is the home to kickboxing, and you can find some real world-class fighters in the gyms that inspired you to train harder.

Queenco Fitness Club and Spa offers world-class facilities and recovery options.

Address: Mohavithey Krong, District 3, Sihanoukville, Cambodia 18000

Phone: +855 70 904 198


Sihanoukville has many options when it comes to gyms and leisure centers.

Golden Lion Gym

Are you looking for a gym that looks after you with personal training and nutritional education? Golden life gym should be right up you’re street.

The price for a single entry $3 a time if you’re after yearly membership is $280, or if that’s too much, you can pay monthly between $10 and $30 a month.

Address: 23 Tola Street, Sihanoukville

Phone: 010 355 783

Website: 9am-10pm

Kompongsom Sport Club

Kompongsom Sports Club Is full of sports equipment, saunas, jacuzzi’s and table tennis tables with a decent sized swimming pool and sitting area.

It’s $5 for a one-time entry fee, usually its $24.00 for a month’s access.

Address: Rice Field Road, Sihanoukville

Phone: 097 887 7877

Where To Play Sports In Sihanoukville


You can find the golf course in the resort called the Dara Sakor Golf Resort and its location it’s two hours away. I find the golf course a long way away, but to be honest, it’s a busy golf course with a casino complex.

Golf in Sihanoukville can be found in new resorts like the Dara Sakor Golf Resort, located almost 2 hours away. Despite the distance from Sihanoukville, the integrated casino and golf resort.

If you are thinking about going for nine holes, make sure you go in the dry season from November to April as you don’t get much rain, but bear in mind April can be scorching.

When you are in Sihanoukville, you can get many tour operators to organize a trip for you.

Price List

Golf Buggy:         $20

Golf Clubs:          $40

Golf Shoes:         $10

Umbrella:            $5

Address: Between Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh

Xtra Activities

Accommodation, Restaurants, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Pool, Tennis

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