Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Cambodian beaches should be high on your list with tropical plantation, white sand, and crystal clear blue water. Having lived in Cambodia in 2017, I have the experience and knowledge to personalize a beach guide you will love.

If you go to Cambodia, the first things you think about are temples, Khmer Rouge, and Poll Pot (Sad but true). But Cambodia also offers impressive beaches with a 320-mile coastline. Their are over 60 islands just off the coast with luxiouers hotels, restaurants, and bars.

You have beach resorts like Sihanoukville, Kampot, Koh Rong, and Kep. Some of the beaches are developed; some aren’t,  industries like fishing and logistics can impact quality.

Sihanoukville is the most popular. Massive investment from China with luxury hotels and casinos has taken place (This may not be for the best, though) I personally like Sihanoukville when it was a sleepy fishing village.

Overall, Cambodia’s beaches don’t get a fair mention. Cambodia lives in the shadow of Thailand’s famous Hollywood beaches, but Cambodia is changing rapidly. This country is my favorite in SEA and leaves me with fond memories compared to other SEA countries.

The beaches are well worth visiting for both backpackers and tourists and will defiantly surprise you.

Read more to read my beach guide.


Cambodian Beach Guide-2021

Koh Rong

If you’re after great beaches, then head to the islands. From Sihanoukville, just off the coast, is Koh Rong. This island has beautiful beaches with lots to do! The ferry ride from Sihanoukville is only 40mins.

A lovely area is Saracen Bay. This area was a fishing village and now a tourist honey pot. This area is popular with younger folk and couples. You can find hotels on the beach with small shopping villages with merch and clothing. The beachfront has a classical Ibiza feel with friendly, chilled vibes.

M’pai Bai (Koh Rong)

A small village that never gets too busy with two outstanding beaches to chill. You don’t have beach resorts, just small hostels and beach bungalows. Not too far away are waterfalls, a great alternative to the beach, and ample scenic views.

Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Otres Beach (Sihanoukville)

A lovely quiet beach located in Sihanoukville, which is only a few minutes from the city center. The water is clean and crystal clear with tropical scenery. The accommodation in this area is excellent with friendly hotels and guest houses. Theirs two sides to the beach. One side is open to the public. The other is a resort. If you go down the coast, the beach is less developed and not as nice.

Vinpearl Discovery 3 Phu Quoc hotel has a range of great restaurants, hotel rooms, and activities. The hotel is vibrant with regular business meetings.

Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Coral Beach (Koh Ta Kiev)

This beach is a tropic beauty with amazing palm trees and a well-maintained beach. The scenery is spectacular with wooden fishing boats coming into shore and stunning bamboo huts. Overall I would say the coral beach is in my top three In Cambodia. You can find hotels and restaurants nearby. This is a perfect place to kick back, but electricity and Wi-Fi are in short supply.

Cambodia Beach Guide | A 2021 Update

Ream Beach (Near Sihanoukville)

Just down the road from Sihanoukville lies Ream Beach (National park). Well preserved beach with local fishermen working in fishing shacks. You can find independent cafes nearby with areas to sit and have an iced coffee.

Mangrove wetlands are a great escape from busy crowds, especially on bank holidays and weekends.

The National Park has a population of five and a half thousand, mainly fishermen. The airport is close also

Sner Beach

Located in the province of Koh Kong. This beach has a different feel with less tourism and more locals visiting. The beach never gets crowded, and the water is clean and crystal clear. It’s a cool place to read a book on a hammock.

If you like fresh seafood and barbecues, this place offers small beach snacks and coffee shops on the beach.

Koh Russey

Koh Russey

Beautiful secluded beach with excellent accommodation that stands out. The beach is over a mile long, with private & public sections. The beach is slightly slanted, with palm trees that offer shade from the sun.

The beach has luxurious accommodation from Alila Villas Resorts. The complex is highly recommended with private villas, perfect for families with two to four bedrooms. The food is high quality, with a private ferry taking you straight to your Villa.

Kep beach

Kep Beach

Kep is a beach town in the southern part of Cambodia, near to Vietnam. When I visited in 2018, the first thing I noticed was the number of crab restaurants.

You get lovely cafes and market stalls with fresh seafood and fruit on the promenades. This is what Kep is famous for.

Kep used to be an old French colonial resort during the occupation of Cambodia in the 1800’s. You can see French architecture and structures around the area.

Beach vendors offer beach merch, equipment rent (boogie boards), snacks, and drinks.

Koh Tunsay

Koh Tonsay (Near Kep)

Not a famous beaches in Cambodia but still worth a visit for it’s a hidden beauty. The island is renowned for its rabbit island shape.

The beach slopes with nice brown sand, ideal for a swim or snorkeling. You can access the beach from Kep by boat. A lot of people who go, are fishermen.

onely Beach (Koh Rong)

Lonely Beach (Koh Rong)

Another beautiful beach on Koh Rong, located on the northern tip of the island.

The area has plankton, and in specific parts of the year, you get a beautiful glow from the shore.

If you want space from the crowds and some adventure, this is a great spot. The beaches go on for miles and are relatively unspoiled.

The beach has a resort “lonely beach resort” with beach bungalows right on the shores.

Victory Beach

Victory Beach (Sihanoukville)

This beach is close to Sihanoukville and is next to a port. This beach isn’t the best in Cambodia but is secluded with little beach huts, cafes, and beach rental shops. The pier is excellent with some lovely views of the sea. The downside is construction is nearby.

Overall this beach is excellent for food and a walk. The beach doesn’t get large crowds, so take advantage and go for a walk.

Serendipity Beach

Serendipity Beach (Sihanoukville)

This beach has lots of facilities with good places to eat and kid’s activities. Serendipity is the largest beach in Sihanoukville. A great place to surf and get a bite to eat with cafes and restaurants.

The beach is close to Sihanoukville city center, so you walk to it in a few minutes, on the way you can go to restaurants and shops.

Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private Island

This island is entirely private and luxurious, with secluded beaches and beautiful palm trees, great for photographers and content providers.

The flooring is transparent with crystal clear water below. The village is beautifully decorated with Khmer furniture, and each Villa has a private pool.

One of the pluses is your dining options with a Michelin star standard, with a fantastic spa and Infinity pool. You can also do many activities, with morning yoga being the most popular.

Koh Totang

Koh Totang

This island is isolated and uninhabited, and this adds to the experience of being in nature. The island’s utility options are short, with no electricity 4 hours a day and only one guest house providing food and accommodation. I like this as it adds to the adventure.

The islands are apart of the Koh S’Dach archipelago, which is 12 islands in total. The island doesn’t get that busy and is easily accessible in a couple of hours. You have two options to get to the island by boat or car.

Do make sure you visit some beaches while you in Cambodia. They are beautiful and charming, offering a scheduled feeling different to Thailand.

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