Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Chiang Mai)

Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Chiang Mai) 2021

 About Yi Peng

The Yi Peng festival is a Siamese lantern festival where you watch thousands of lanterns take off into the night sky! Many Thais use the Yi Peng (Loi Krathong) festival to celebrate the God of water and let go of any frustrations or anger

With the brightest point of the moon, the scene is set to view a fantastic spectacle that you will remember forever! Make sure you get a quality camera for those incredible snaps.

If you can picture yourself sitting at a rooftop bar eating excellent Thai cuisine, drinking Singha beer, then you know you’ve made a superb choice

Lanterns can be bought from most shops and markets around the city for just a few bucks

Please be advised to wear clothing that is well covered for spiritual reasons for the 3-day celebration

Krathong Floating Container

Since 1947, Thais’s have been floating Krathongs on rivers during the full moon festival

The idea is to for the Krathong to hold Thai foods, deserts, Insense and gifts such as money to the river sprits

Krathongs are made up of biodegradable materials such as bamboo and banana leaves, which is essential for the environment and cuts down sea pollution

Competitions do take place for the bigger Krathongs. Also, during the evening, other comps like beauty contests and firecrackers are known

You can purchase Krathongs at local shops and markets

Dates For YI Peng

Every Lunar year (Full moon) Normally around the end of November (There is no set date)  

The last festival took place on the 31st of October 2020

Usually, the event is announced around September, and tickets sell fast!

Yi Peng Package Tours

There are tour operators who offer packages of $200.00 a pop! But please be advised these are not for everyone and do receive mixed opinions. Transport issues leading the way for most complaints

The top tier packages include food & drink

I will say the crowds will be hefty, and space will be limited at times, so be cautious

Tourists tend to mingle and find their own way and go with what feels right

Destinations For Great Views

Name Location Entrance fee?
Mae Jo University Nong Han, San Sai District, 50290 Yes, for seating. Children under 12 no fee
Nawarat Bridge Charoen Muang Road, Tambon Chang Moi 5000 No
Iron Bridge Loi Kroh Rd, Tambon Chang Moi 50100 No

Places To Eat & Drink

Name Cusine Location Vegan Option?
Rock Me Burgers American 17-19, Loikroh Street  No
Tara Bar Thai/Western/Japanese 140/1 Lamphun No
KOBQ Korean BBQ Korean Nimmanhemin Rd N Park Project, Room 202, Yes


Name Location Contact
Kate and Hasu Boutique 15/2 soi 3 Kotchasarn Rd | Chang Klan Phone- +66 53 271 355
Anantara Chiang Mai 123 Charoen Prathet Road Changklan Phone +66 23 659 110 Email-  
Sakorn Residence Hotel 2 / 2 Na Wat Kate Rd. Soi 1, T. Wat Kate Phone- +66 53 260 989 Email-

Parade And Night Market

On the second night, you will see more of an artistic side to Ye Peng with local Thai’s getting involved 

The night market will be selling gifts, food, and clothing until around 10:30 and then wind down

Safety Measures

Extra police and unpaid workers are brought into action for an extra hand, which is needed considering how congested things can get.

Please be aware that thousands of people will be on the streets, so getting around and fingering out where things are can get difficult

Also, lanterns can be dangerous for a number of reasons. What goes up must come down, and sometimes the lanterns are still on fire. Hot wax and debris are not uncommon to find on the streets at night.

Senior officials work with Chiang Mai international airport to reschedule flights as lanterns are a potential risk to air traffic.

Nearly 100 aircraft are rescheduled every year

Any questions? I’d be glad to hear from you!


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