Getting Around Thailand On A Budget 2021

Getting Around Thailand On A Budget 2021

Getting Around Thailand On A Budget 2021

On a budget and worried, you won’t see everything Thailand has to offer? I know Thailand is cheap, but overspending does happen. All holidaymakers stick to a budget but realize wasting money should be avoided. If you need a heads-up, I’m your guide.

When thinking of Thailand, I see beaches, Jungles, Food, and much more! Thailand is a hub for holidaymakers/backpackers, and it keeps giving. I’ve been Thailand over ten times, and I still love it.

In 2006 I arrived when ฿77 was a £1, life was easy. I stayed in guesthouses for £1 a night, with 50p meals! Times have changed, and overspending drains your budget. Thailand is cheap but be wise!

I have an expense app, which gives me regular updates on my spending! Enter expenses log, and a spending itinerary keeps track. Daily reports keep budgets active, so you don’t go crazy.

When traveling, I don’t go expensive bars & Restaurants; I go “off the beaten track” street vendors, markets, public transport. This way, I keep money to splash out on top destinations. Don’t miss out on gritty Thailand. It’s the best part!

Don’t be tight with your budget! Thailand is backpacker central and caters to expensive & cheap travel. You have low-cost options! Fresh fruit is ฿20 ($.67), street food ฿60($2), Cinema ฿70($2.34). On downtime days, I was out and about all the time. You can spend a little for a lot!

If you have money for excellent restaurants, go to Sukhumvit (BBK). I recommend Gullivers (6, 1 Soi Sukhumvit 5, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana) Beer & Sports with Bar snacks.

My tips below will give precise details on avoiding unnecessary spending.

Use your budget for memorable moments, getting to know Thailand away from tourist honey pots. This guide helps budget planning and more.

Read more and find budget ideas to help on your way with destinations tips & bargains ↓

Travel Budget-Holiday (Per day)

Daily budget ฿2300 ($77)

Hotel ฿2300($77)

Food ฿537 ($18)

Transport ฿359 ($12)


Weekly budget ฿15,000 ($495)

Fortnite budget  ฿29,800 ($997)

Monthly budget ฿63,700 ($2132.79)

Travel Budget-Backpacker (Per Day)

Daily budget ฿1045 ($35)

Backpackers Hostel ฿418 ($14)

Food ฿149 ($5)

Transport ฿60 ($2)


Weekly budget ฿7137 ($245)

Fornite budget ฿14634 ($490)

Monthly budget ฿29269 ($980)

Money-Saving Tips

Thailand is cheap. You still can overspend, areas like Sukhumvit (BKK) Avg beer ฿200 ($6.70) I met ex-pats drinking here and spent big money! Don’t pay western prices in Thailand.

Eat At Street Vendors

I enjoy eating at vendors, done this a thousand times. It tastes excellent, fast, and easy. A meal is ฿60 ($2) with many dishes. Go for noodle soup! Koh San Road for vendors is friendly & straightforward. Don’t be afraid to try!

Books Trip In Thailand

Never book a trip with western travel agencies. Book in Thailand, which cuts out mediators, plus you can shop around. Buses, Cooking classes, Diving, Treks all cheaper booked here. When you land, nothing but a hostel is booked.  Be smart and save!


From ฿418 ($14) you can’t go wrong! Most incl breakfast, clean, and have a vibe—an excellent place to meet people, Have a beer & get merry. Koh San Rd has hundreds, with pools & bars. I met tons of people in hostels! Get involved.

Live Like a Thai

Go local, Use Sky train, Busses, Eat street food, Go markets, And drink street beer. Most Thais live on ฿7000 a month ($234). You can live for next to nothing, ฿358 per day ($12) if you want? Pro tip always haggle in markets for bargains.

Stay With Friends

Meeting ex-pats is easy, and some will offer you a stay. I stayed with a buddy for a week in BKK. His girlfriend was away, so the timing was great. I paid for takeaways and saved so much!

Look For Drink Deals

All over Thailand, you find deals. The place is one big drinking session and high drinking competition all over, so look out for 241’s. Koh San Rd around 5 pm is okay.

Lonely Planet Book

This book is fantastic, with tips and info. I still read it every time and find cool stuff. You have second-hand options on street stalls. Well worth the investment.


BKK options are Sky Train, Busses, Tuk-Tuks, Taxis, Planes, Boats, Trains & Grab taxis.

Info below

Sky Train

฿15-20 ($.80) a ride and 61 stations in BKK, it’s quick, easy, and cheap. The lines are 60 kilometers in total, so plenty of stops.


฿8-10 ($.33) cheap and cheerful! But be warned local busses don’t have AC! In April, you will be boiling. Sky train or taxis better option this time of year.

Tuk Tuks

฿120-280 ($4-9) Great buzz but not metered! Agree the price first, though.


฿1500-7000 ($50-$235) Book In advance for deals. The islands & smaller destinations are more expensive. BKK, Phuket & Chiang Mai cheaper.


฿300-400 ($10-$14) The ferry takes 3hrs to Koh Samui from Surat Thani.


฿60 ($2) day journey ฿600 ($20) night train. Book second class with AC third class is terrible. The trains are slow but fantastic scenery outside BKK.


฿35 ($1.2) (Start Fee) After 2k, its ฿3 every kilometer. Taxis have AC, Comfy and cheap! But traffic can hold you up!

Grab Taxis

฿150-200 ($5-$6.50) Grab taxi is a digital ordering app where you pay and ride. Good value and easy!

Best Time To Visit

Thailand is best Nov-Jan with cooler & dry temps

Hot with a breeze in peak season Nov-Feb, but remember you pay more this time of year. Average temp 28 °C with hardly any rain

March-May is boiling! Chiang Mai hits 40 °C with Bangkok turning into a sauna! The weather is intense, so shower twice daily!

June-September Monsoon season, bring a poncho. Pour downs last an hour or so. Humid time of year but cheaper.

Check my Thailand climate review


My recommendations

Yim Huai Khwang Hostel (BKK)

Mad Monkey Hostel (BKK)

NapPark Hostel (BKK)

Barn & Bed Hostel (BKK)

Hostels By Bed (Chiang Mai)

The Entaneer Poshtel (Chiang Mai)

Oxotel Hostel (Chiang Mai)

Connect Hostel (Chiang Rai)

Busket Hostel (Chiang Rai)

Book a Bed Poshtel (Phuket)

Borbaboom Poshtel (Phuket)

Mini Boxtel (Krabi)

Surf Hostel (Krabi)

At Hostel (Koh Samui)

P168 Hostel (Koh Samui)

Na-Tub Hostel (Koh Phangan)

iL Mare (Koh Phangan)

Places To Checkout

Bangkok To Chiang Mai

See the capitals between BKK/Chiang Mai Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya. Ancient with beautiful scenery and Monkeys! If you are going to Chiang Mai, hop and see them on route.

Beautiful Islands

Thailand has incredible tropical Islands with breathtaking beauty-List below

Ko Chang

Ko Phuket

Koh Phangan

Koh Samui

Koh Samet

Koh Tao

Ko Phi Phi Lee

National Parks

฿200 entrance ($7) Located south lies Khao Sok National Park. Activities like Camping, kayaking, walking and beautiful scenery. The park is one of the best in Thailand, a must-see.

Grand Palace

The 18th-century palace with temples with traditional Thai culture is beautifully golden with 15th-century history. Please dress well covered if visiting.


Two hours away from BKK is my favorite town. Kanchanaburi has the Bridge Over The River Kwai with museums, Monkey school, and great restaurants. Chilled vibe with beautiful views.


My favorite beaches are in Phuket, with great restaurants and hotels. Popular with tourists, so it does get busy! But quiet spots are around. It can be expensive too.

Scuba Diving

฿4000 ($133) For a day, Thailand has fantastic diving with tropical fish, Sharks & Rays! The water is clear, making the views incredible.

Cookin Class

฿1350 ($45) (Average price) While here, learn to cook! Thailands food is terrific. You will cook like a pro in no time. The more confident in cooking, the quicker & Cheaper it is.

Golden Triangle

When the Mekong crosses the Ruak river, you get the golden triangle. Great place to see Buddha statues & Markets

Phi Phi Islands

The famous, beautiful Phi Phi islands is paradise. The Beach was filmed here. Tragically, the Tsunami incident in 2004 devastated the area. You must see Phi Phi

Floating Markets

The markets are all over Thailand. Bangkok has many. My favorite is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, The man with the Golden Gun was filmed here. Feels authentic with great souvenirs & food.

Address: Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi 70130, Thailand

Open: 7am-5pm

Contact: +66 (0)87 969 3428

Rent a motorbike

฿447 Start Pay ($15) Rent a bike for stunning scenery in the north of Thailand. Around Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai are many routes connecting areas to go for a spin. Highly recommend for motorbikes fans. You must be confident, though, for safety.


Pye is a lovely area tucked in mountains north of Chiang Mai. The Tham Lat caves are worth a visit. Great place for trekking, Waterfalls, and motorbike journeys. Highly recommended

Full Moon Party

฿100 Per Ticket ($3) Located on Koh Phangan, this party happens every full moon. Samsung buckets and glow sticks galore.

Tip: Book accommodation well in advance.

Admire Wat Doi Suthep

฿30 Entrance fee ($1) 10 miles from Chiang Mai in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. This spiritual temple was built in 14th century. Beautiful and scenic, don’t miss out.

Khmer Temples In Issan

Bit of the beaten track Phanom Rung and Muang Tum temples on the old road to Angkor (Cambodia). The Khmer empire built impressive structures, and you won’t be disappointed with these temples.

Safety In Thailand

Thailand is safe!  Most encounters are scams.

I found Tuk-Tuks being the worst. You must agree the price with the driver before your destination! Or risk being ripped off.

Also, If Tuk Tuk drivers offer low fares, alarm bells should ring. You will end up visiting every suit & jewelry shop in BKK. It wastes your time and is uncomfortable.

Extreme case, I was mugged near Koh San Road after hours. This is rare, but if being followed, walk into a shop. Speak to staff and explain your situation if concerned—Call-1155 for tourist police if you need it?

I advise Travel insurance everywhere you go

Travel Resources I Use

Here’s my list of operators

Skyscanner– Flight database which finds you great deals and hotels

Flight Center– Good branches with excellent travel advice. First-time travelers should go here first.

Hostel World– Reliable and trustworthy with great hostels

AirBnB- Good if you are traveling alone –  Excellent accommodation.

Momondo- Nice and easy to book flights.

Thinking Of Volunteering?

Helping charities is amazing! I find charity work meaningful and eye-opening.  It also makes your CV stand out. Here’s a few below.

GVI: Volunteer in Thailand – Conservational and sustainability charity.

International Volunteer HQ – IVHQ– Teaching English, Social Care, and Outdoor care

Projects Abroad– Child care, Youth Projects, and Conservation Work

Bamboo-  Agricultural, Development and Building Projects

Gapforce- Conservational work & Wildlife Projects

That’s my guide. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Best Wishes


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