How Safe Is Parnu | A 2021 Update

How Safe Is Parnu? | A 2021 Update

How Safe Is Parnu | A 2021 Update

If you’re thinking about traveling to Parnu, you always check how safe a destination is before you go. Parnu is the summer capital of Estonia and has thousands of tourists every season with a fantastic beach and restaurants. Let me (Ian) fill you in with tips to keep you safe.

If you are traveling to Parnu, you don’t have to worry as this city is extremely safe with all crime aspects being low. But I recommend taking precautions when you travel, no matter where you go, to be on the safe side.

Leaving your unattended bag with your £2000 surface pro hanging out the side is never wise as people will steal if its too good of an opportunity to miss.

Although Parnu is considered safe, over the last three years, crime has reason slightly, so I made a list to help you stay ahead of the curve (Its all common sense)

Here’s my list below to keep you safe and sound

Put add ons in your insurance for expensive equipment

 It’s essential you go over your insurance disclaimer before signing anything! Many tourists sign up for any insurance package, and the worst happens – The £5000 camera goes missing, or the Mac Pro disappears.

If you ask around many backpackers, you always hear stories of cameras going missing or something else. Be one step ahead of the curve, read your insurance disclaimer, and put your expensive add ons on!

If your staying in a hostel, take a padlock for lockers/bag

This is such a simple chore and so useful if you’re traveling. Most hostels will have lockers to lock your valuables away, but some won’t. If your Hostel doesn’t have a locker, then use the padlock to seal your bag (Better Than Nothing)

In your backpackers, you can’t afford to leave your bag unattended and not locked. You just never know?

If your Hostel doesn’t feel right then, move

If you check in your hostel and something doesn’t feel right, pack up your bag and leave. It’s imperative when you’re backpacking to follow your initiative and your gut feeling at all times. Some hostels will have poor management and won’t deal with issues effectively, so don’t leave them to decide on what to do-just go!

Keep your passport safe

keeping your passport safe should be a priority. If your hostel has a safe, use it. The mither it causes when you lose your passport is a bag of stress. My friend lost his passport in Peru, and it took weeks to sort out.

One excellent tip is to keep two photocopies of your passport front and photo ID in your bag. Also, when you’re photocopying your passport, email the photocopies to your email address. If you lose your passport, you can show the Embassy your copies, which significantly speeds up the process!

Keep your bling on the low down

When you’re outside with your £5000 camera or chatting away on your iPhone, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Again if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Always follow your gut feeling. Its easier to be robbed when your open to being robbed.

Although Parnu is safe, you have to remember it’s a big tourist destination, and tourist destinations will have incidents. Don’t take any chances!

You have more chances of being robbed while your drunk

If you’re completely wasted at night, then being robbed is easier than taking candy from a baby, and this happened to me.

If you’re planning on having a good drink, make sure you stick to groups, it’s so much easier to be robbed when your by yourself. Also, be careful at ATMs when your drawing your cash out. These are target areas for thieves.

On a beach day, take minimal things

When you go to the beach, you only need to take a bit of cash, a camera, a towel, and water. There’s no point taking your wallet with all your cards and iPhone.

One purchase you should make is a money clip. I find them so much better than fanny bags. You clip them on your shorts, and away you go. You don’t need your debit card. You just need money for a coffee and dessert.

If you end up going for a swim, make sure you wrap your towel up over your camera- Again, all common sense.

Do your research

Before you travel anywhere, get to know your destination with some research. Look out for travel scams and crime statistics. This will give you an indicator of what you need to keep an eye out for.

You also need to know the emergency number for Estonia (112). This is always handy to know if you get in any trouble or have to report a crime.

If you get robbed, you need to speak to the police to get a police report. Police reports are needed for your insurance claim.

Keep your friends and family updated

Keeping a simple log with family is quite simple. I used to use WhatsApp to communicate with home. Before you leave the country, give your family a copy of your travel itinerary and flight number to keep tabs.

WiFi Hackers

This is becoming the new norm for data protection. Your data is essential, and when you’re on public WiFi you can get data copied, so be careful.

The safe option to buy a VPN, and this way, you can put your mind at ease and use Wi-Fi anywhere, and be safe.

Keep A Good Posture

Keeping a good posture gives off a confident look, so any potential robbers will get second thoughts on taking someone on who’s together.

All robbers want an easy meal ticket to advance and try their luck. If you are looking worried or concerned, they will pick up vibes and approach you.

It’s always worth training in martial arts- you don’t want to cause trouble, but you’ll be more confident if trouble comes.

Let your bank know your travel itinerary

Letting your bank know your travel itinerary should be a priority before you leave the country, if you don’t let your bank know, you run the risk of your cards being blocked, which can take days to sort out.

Most banks have a facility to share your travel itinerary to give your bank the heads up. I would suggest using an airport ATM as there safer than ATMs in cities.

Again Parnu is very safe, and you will be greeted by some lovely people and have a great time. But I would suggest there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. 

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