Pregnant With Food Poisoning On Holiday In Thailand?

Pregnant With Food Poisoning On Holiday In Thailand

Pregnant With Food Poisoning In Thailand?

If you are pregnant with food poisoning on vacation in Thailand, let me offer some assistance. My names Ian and I’m a well-experienced traveler with plenty of knowledge within the region. I’ve seen it all, and my guide below will help.

So you have food poisoning in Thailand and pregnant. Do not panic! I take note your not in a good place. One of the first things to do is contact an International Hospital/PrivateDo not go to a local hospital! It is not that they’re bad, But the language barrier may be an issue. Being Pregnant and having food poisoning can be severe, causing complications such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and early childbirth, so don’t take chances.

Having diarrhea, feeling nauseous, or a high temperature are just some of the food poisoning symptoms. Some of these symptoms listed may pass as being normal during pregnancy? But you can’t take chances. If you remember where you ate after experiencing symptoms (Normally one to two days after), let the Hospital know they may report it, but no guarantees, sadly!

One Hospital I recommend in Bangkok is Bumrungrad International Hospital. The Hospital caters to over a million patients a year from over 145 countries.

Address: 33 Soi Sukhumvit 3, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66 2066 8888

Opening Hours: 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

English Speaking: Yes

Their are different types of food poisoning, but the most common are




        E. coli

You take a test Hospital to identify which type of microbe/bacteria is attacking your immune system? 

By now, you may be wondering what happens at Hospital, Or how to recover from food poisoning and how you got sick? Look below for answers.

Thailand pregnant food poisoning

Recovery in Hospital

The Hospital’s primary recovery part will be keeping you hydrated, Rested to make the recovery. If the situation is more serious, then anti-biotics will be given. This will keep the infection at bay and give you more time to heal. But antibiotics can have the opposite affect, so consult your doctor and hear whats said?

You will have lost some fluids, so you will be kept hydrated using minerals like calcium, potassium, and sodium.  These will help you replace the lost water through diarrhea.

Immodium will help with the diarrhea but seek medical advice before taking anything!

Food Poison Thailand

How to recover from food poisoning?

After Hospital, you will be advised to rest. Here are some ways to help you recover

        Empty your stomach for 3 hours or so. Try not to eat or drink

        Only drink water, no soft drinks or caffeine

        Try Probiotics but seek medical advice first

        Keep eating dry foods toast, rice & bananas – If you feel light-headed, then stop

        Stay away from cheese, milk & liquor

        Have a good rest! Keep low activity to save energy.

Stomach Diet

The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast) may help? This remedy was for kids but now includes everyone.

The brat diet is bland and low in fiber, but you can add other types of bland food to this, such as


        Baked potatoes


        Light teas


You want to follow this diet 48hrs after the illness giving your stomach plenty of time to rest and stay hydrated.

The diet is not the most nutritious, so don’t stay on this too long. Two days max. This diet is for your stomach to quickly break down the food and give your stomach a rest to recover.

If you start to feel nauseous, sick, or diarrhea returns, this isn’t the diet for you, see your doctor.

Consult with your doctor before trying the BRAT diet out. This diet still needs more clinical studies to clarify its effectiveness. But some people have stated this is an effective way to help your stomach recover.

If BRAT diet does not work and you have diarrhea, then consult your doctor. You may have a bacteria infection or parasite. This needs medical attention.

Always seek medical advice before any diet.

Also you have to remember different countries have other tolerances to food,  your body will let you know what works for you?

Sick in Thailand

How you become sick in the first place?

Thailand has some of the world’s best food but its always sensible to use common sense if a restaurants doesn’t feel right?

With the vast majority of food being safe in Thailand, here are a few things to look out for.

        Contaminated water

        Spoiled Meat

        Food left out too long

        Look out for raw leafy greens washed with tap water

        Un-pealed fruits left out

        Look out for ice! It should be fine in bars, but on the street it could be tap water?

        Any leftover food left in the fridge longer than a day-throw it out

        Avoid eating from buffets



Look out for busy street vendors to eat at. But check the utensils have they been cleaned properly? 

I’m not saying don’t eat street food as it’s the best food in Asia, in my opinion. Some tourists state they have bad stomachs and quickly blame street vendors but most the time they are false.

If you’re going to Thailand, then don’t to be hypochondriac and worry every time you eat street food or drink water. A lot of the ingredients in Thailand are fresh and packed with nutrition, unlike a lot of processed western food.

You have to think if something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Follow your gut feelings.

Personal Hygiene

When in Thailand you have to remember its a tropical country. You will be walking the streets in Bangkok drenched in sweat, so it is easier to pass germs on through bodily contact.

When I lived in SEA I use to shower at least twice a day, Just in case I smelt bad. People will notice your hygiene more in Thailand.

You see, many people in Asia not washing their hands in toilets, and in some cases, try and shake your hand after, lol! These people come from all backgrounds.Can you imagine if people are touching food, doorknobs, side rails passing germs on all day long?


As a remedy to this, buy a 100ml sanitizer bottle. You can buy one from any supermarket or pharmacy it only costs 100THB 

Insurance in Thailand

Have you got insurance?

Finally, have you got insurance, and read the small print? Be sensible and get insurance! A night at a Thai hospital can cost hundreds of dollars, Thousands if you have surgery. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Thanks for reading this posts! I hope it helps someone.

Best wishes



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