Thailand’s 30 Best Snacks Guide

Thailands 30 Best Snacks Guide

          Thailand’s 30 Best Snacks Guide

Thailand has some of the best snacks in the world. With my time spent in Asia, I ate so many snacks and sweets, I know I’m qualified to give you a review. I’m going to talk you through the ultimate Thai treats and where to find them.

Thailand has some great main dishes, but the snacks are also delicious. Thailands 7/11’s are renowned for treats, and on the street are better bites. After a night out, You have a great selection of options, and I’m going to talk you through my best 30 best snacks.

If it’s your first time to Thailand, then street vendors can be overwhelming with many options! This is where the guide comes in, giving you a heads up on both sweet & savoury.

By the end of this, you will become an expert and not be afraid to try new foods.

Read more to find out my 28 best snack guide below.

Thailands 30 Best Snacks Guide

Thai Crisps

  1. Lay’s – Potato Chips – Lay’s give you a real potato taste with some fantastic toppings. The texture is crispy and chewy with reduced-fat of around 50%. You can also buy them in packs of 12 and seaweed flavour is most popular. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


  1. Twistko – Corn Chips BBQ- Corn snacks available in barbecue with a strong taste of corn which instantly hits your nose when the packet is opened. You will enjoy every last bite of these crisps.No preservatives or MSG’s. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


  1. Roller Coaster – Potato Ring Tom Yum Zaab- Ring crisps with a famous Tom Yum SAB brand. The flavour is intense with a sour and spicy taste, but remember they are very spicy! Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


  1. Sunbites – Baked Multigrain Seaweed– Sunbites are low in fat, so you don’t have to worry about calories. These crisps are baked with multi-grain so theirs less saturated fat. The taste is seaweed with a hint of soy sauce. Also, there are no preservatives. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


  1. Arigato – Cuttlefish- Cracker snack with cuttlefish flavouring. The taste is sweet, crispy with spice. When you eat these, the flavour gets spicier. Only try if you like spicy crackers. No MSG’s or preservatives. Price 20-30 baht ($1)


  1. Tasto – Potato Chips Salted Egg- Traditional crisps with traditional flavours with egg and salt. Nice Golden colour with beautiful flavourings on each crisp. The crisps are not greasy and are addictive. No preservatives. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


  1. Tawan – Tapioca Chips Spicy Larb- Triangular-shaped crisps with a taste of spice Larb. The crisps are crispy and spicy. You get a taste of Thailand that’s quite authentic. Once you start snacking on these, you won’t be able to stop. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


      8.Tawan – Tapioca  Chips Crispy Prawn- Another triangular shape crisp with lights taste of prawn. The texture overall is crispy and melts in your               mouth. The crisps have been around for a while and are popular.No preservatives added. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)


     9.  Fashion Food – Paprika Flavoured Cracker- Basic crisps available here with no frills packaging. You have a pleasant salty-sour paprika taste                  that’s consistent on every crisp. No preservatives. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)



   10. Tasto – Potato Chips Salt & Sour- Flat crisp with a golden colour with each crisp full of flavour. You get a pinch of salt, sour taste with lemon.                You won’t stop snacking, these crisps can be addictive. It’s also worth mentioning they are 100% natural with 50% less fat and Omega oils. No                preservatives or MSGS. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)

Thailands 30 Best Snacks Guide

Street Vendor Food

  1. Banana Crêpe– I love crepes, and in Thailand, you get Rotis (Indian Sweet Bread) with different toppings. It would help if you looked for a load of eggs and a carton of condensed milk to spot a crepe vendor.The taste is sweet with a crispy texture and soft in the middle. Bananas and eggs always have the perfect combination with a custard taste. You can also add many things to this roti like chocolate, cheese & peanut butter. Most vendors we’ll prep the roti for you bite sizes ready to be served. Price 20-40 Baht ($1.30)
  1. Mango Sticky Rice- One of my favourite sweets in Thailand. This is a mix of sweet and creamy with a pleasant sugary taste. Usually, the produce in Thailand is fresh, which adds to the quality. A basic dessert but one that packs a punch, not to be missed. Price 20-40 Baht ($1.30)
  1. Satay- The smells at the grill always make your mouth water, especially when you glance at the yellow satay chicken.The meat is marinated, which gives it a golden colour with hints of garlic & soy sauce and sweet tastes, sometimes sour. Roasted veg sometimes available also. Price 10 Baht ($0.30)
  1. Isaan Sour Sausage- Quick, cheap snack with most vendors having sour sausage. With the pork cooked on the grill, You get a Smokey garlicky taste also. Sometimes the vendors will mix these with rice or noodles, but it’s on a skewer most of the time. You probably only need to buy one, and it’s quick and easy. Price 10 Baht ($0.30)
  1. Mango with Chili, & Sugar- This is my favourite dessert in Thailand. The mangoes are dry, with a crunchy taste, and it goes excellent with the sweet-salty chilli sauce. If you’ve never tried this, you’re in for a real treat, and it’s cheap. 20 Baht ($0.70)


  1. Tod Ma Pla- Thai Fish Cakes- Fish cakes with a spicy red curry paste, lime, eggs with lemongrass. Usually, the fish is made from clown featherback.Cakes are served with radishes, cucumber and sriracha chilli sauce. Excellent for a starter or a quick bite. Price 20-40 Baht ($1.20)


  1. Mortar Sweets- Pancake Desert- Small Thai dessert often considered as a pancake. The sweets ingredients are rice flour and coconut milk and cooked on a big pan with holes giving it a crispy bottom layer and creamy top with coconut filling. This dessert is a quick snack on the go. Price 20-30 Baht ($1)
  1. Nang Kai Knot- Fried Chicken Skin- Thai snack, deep-fried chicken skin which is firstly boiled, then drained through A sieve. After rolled in flour, and cooked in hot oil till nice crispy. The central part of the chicken is the breast skin.No real seasoning method; it’s just whatever you get? Served with soy sauce, garlic and salt and pepper. Price 10-20 Baht ($1)
  1. Kheap Mu- Fried Pork Skin- Pork is famous in Thailand with Kheap Mu being a popular dish. Fat is left on the skin, and this helps to give a puffy, crispy appearance. This dish reminds me of pork scratchings and his quick snack. There are many garnishes can you find with this dish, mainly in the North of Thailand. Price 10-20 Baht ($1)



  1. Klaui Thot- Deep Fried Bananas- Sweet dish served all over Thailand. The bananas are chopped up, rolled in flour and deep-fried making it crispy. Made with rice flour, sugar, salt and coconut shreds and water. Typically it’s a fast service with bananas put in the bag nice and warm ready to eat. This dish goes well with ice cream.
Thai Snacks

Thai Fruit Snacks

  1. Love Farm – Dried Honey Lemon–  Lemon that’s dried out with honey flavour. If you like dried fruit, this is your snack. All ingredients are 100% natural with zero cholesterol—also, no preservatives.
  1. Nacket – Banana Chips Original Homthong– If you like banana, these are a great little snack. Nicely sliced like crisps with a pleasant natural taste. Also, no sugar, MSG’S or preservatives.
  1. Fruit King – Dried Durian Monthong- Good quality Dorrian, vacuum packed with a nice and crispy taste. No preservatives added, giving this snack nutritional benefits—no MSG’s Either.


  1. Jfruit – Dried Mango- Mango in Thailand is delicious, and this snack is a lovely golden colour. Really soft, crunchy texture. No MSG
  1. Greenday – Jackfruit Chips- One of the most popular fruits in Thailand is jackfruit. Packed with nutrition, vitamins and natural fats, this product has zero cholesterol and is an antioxidant. No MSG’s, No preservatives

Thai Candy

  1. Sugus – Chewy Candy Jumbo Lychee & Pineapple- A chewy candy that’s sticky, sweet and sour with pineapple taste. Sugus is one of Thailand’s favourites candies. But because of how chewy this product is, it’s not suitable for children under 3. No MSG. No preservative.


  1. Ole’ – Super Sour Candy Strawberry Lime- Designer packet with super sour sweets inside. The powder is all over these sweets making each sweet packed with taste, also packed with vitamin C with a strawberry and lime flavour—no MSG’s or preservatives.
  1. Kopiko – Candy Coffee Cappuccino- A candy leading the way with real coffee taste. The ingredients are actual coffee extract with a robust flavour. No MSG, No preservative.


  1. Fisherman’s Friend – Lozenges Blackcurrant- Fisherman friends are available worldwide. And known for their intense taste. This sweet has a strong flavour but also has a hint of blackcurrant—Sugar-free with no MSG’s or preservative.


  1. Jolly Bear – Classic Thai sweet with an intense sweet and sour taste with cute bear-shaped gelatine. The texture is soft, chewy and packed with fruit flavours.

I would like to hear what your favourite snacks are? Whats 7/11’ rustling up these days? 

Talk soon,


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