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My tales from trotting round the world


Hey, I’m Ian, an experienced traveler and founder of Travel Tin. I’ve lived in Cambodia and traveled throughout my twenties across the globe. If you need advice and tips, I can help with regular posts from budgeting to travel health.


Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Chiang Mai)

Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Chiang Mai) 2021    About Yi Peng The Yi Peng festival is a Siamese lantern festival where you watch thousands of lanterns take off into the…

Hi, I’m Ian


I started traveling in 2006 when I was 21 and still today it’s the best experience of my life! I grew up in a rural town in England and I couldn’t wait to get away and explore the big wide world.

My first destination in 2006 was Singapour, I immediately felt at home and everything felt right in the moment. The hustle and bustle of a different culture, the smell of food, drinking beer on a skyscraper were the stuff of my dreams. I’ve never been happier in my life.

After I visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos the dream continued and every day was a new experience with new foods, temples, lush countryside, and quirky boutique hotels. The variance of my days was tremendous from waking up in Jungles to a tropical island sipping an ice-cold beer 24hrs later. My life experience went through the roof. If your thinking of traveling do it, you won’t regret it!

With all this travel experience I started traveltin to help people who want to take the plunge into travel and seek advice. I really want to help people live their dreams and share knowledge and tips to help you have the best trip possible. Life is too short to twiddle your thumbs, get out and do all the things you want to do.

If you need anything just ask! I’ll get straight back to you.


Thailands Climate Review - When Is The Best Time To Visit Thailand?
Thailands Climate Review - When Is The Best Time To Visit Thailand?